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Building on ten years of experience leading art camps in Guatemala with over 2,500 children and adults, the Athentikos team is now offering online workshop experiences. The live, interactive workshops are led by professional international artists encouraging personal growth through creativity. Take a single class or access all of them through the I AM ART Exchange Membership.

New online workshops are added each month.

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Five one-hour sessions with Amelia J. Moore

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Painting, Mindfulness & Creative Journaling, Lettering & Paper Bead Jewelry


Mon, June 1 - Fri, June 5, 2020

Laura is from a small town in Mississippi, but has lived in Florida, Virginia, Georgia, and now currently resides in Minnesota. She spends her time teaching, creating, experimenting, and with her incredible family. She’s married to her wonderful husband, Nathan, and they have two awesome kiddos, Alice and Elijah. When not creating art or with her family, Laura enjoys naps, anime, anything Disney, video games, eating food that’s really bad for you, and daydreaming fantastic adventures that will never happen in real life. Laura has joyously been serving with Athentikos since 2015. Join this self- proclaimed weirdo today!

In this workshop we will discover how the simplicity of one meaningful color can become an incredible work of art through monochromatic painting. We will also experiment with light and dark themes around what it means in relation to our environment through choosing a spirit animal. Using unique acrylic painting methods, we can realize how even though we may be in the dark, we still shine as God’s masterpieces. I might not be Bob Ross, but I can walk you through this painting in a way that will make you proud of what you have created! Join me, your “hot mess host” as we paint our way to understanding more about being in the dark, and why it can sometimes be a good thing!

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June 15 - June 17

Alejandra Barillas is a Guatemalan graphic designer. She is also a professor, lover of letters and of everything hand made. She has managed to merge her two passions, design and typography to be able to translate them into different products. She loves to teach and share what she has learned in these years of practice.

In this workshop we will learn the basic principles of lettering, with different styles, construction of letters, words and compositions. We will do it step by step so you can enjoy this fascinating world of letters. Little by little you will see how you develop the skill and how you will start making your own creations.


This class is taught from 2 – 3:30 PM CST.

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Mindfulness & Creative Journaling
Thursday, June 11, 18, 25 & Thursday, July 2

Amelia is a co-founder of Athentikos and a professional photographer. Tina serves children and adults by teaching yoga, mindfulness, and meditation in a FUN and meaningful way.

Amelia Moore of Athentikos teams up with Tina Breede of Kidding Around Yoga to bring you a unique approach to Creative Journaling by incorporating yoga practices to inspire creative expression. During this weekly workshop they are teaming up to inspire a mindful journal response centered around simple yoga poses anyone can do. Each workshop will begin with simple stretches to get our mind and body open to creativity. Then we explore simple watercolor techniques, brushes for those techniques and the ink techniques of Line Patterns, Fun Zendoodle and Stippling to give you some great resources to express yourself and relieve stress!


This class is taught from 10 – 11 AM CST.

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Paper Bead Making
June 29 - 30

Chrissy was born and raised in Virginia. She has always enjoyed being creative, challenged, and trying new forms of art. She was first introduced to paper bead making by her aunt when she was 8 years old. She started learning by using old magazines to create these beads. Since then, she has experimented using many types of paper – magazines, maps, construction paper, and cardstock – her personal favorite type of paper to use. She is a jewelry lover and this type of art marries two of her favorite things together – creativity and jewelry! She is very excited to get to share and teach this workshop with others so they too can enjoy making paper beads as well.


This class will be taught from 4 – 5 PM CST.

This is a fun 2-day workshop for people who want to learn the basics of making paper bead jewelry. In this workshop we’ll cover the process of making your own paper beads out of cardstock paper and then use the beads to make your own unique pieces. By the end of the workshop you will understand what tools, techniques, and materials are needed to make paper beads to turn into gorgeous pieces of jewelry.

  • 5 pieces of 12 x 12 inch cardstock paper (any colors you prefer)
  • White liquid glue (Elmer’s craft bond tacky glue is what I use)
  • Toothpicks
  • 8×10 inch painting canvas or a foam paper plate as your drying rack craft paint brush to glaze your beads ruler pencil
  • Glaze (I use Triple Thick Gloss Glaze, but you can use mod podge or clear nail polish)
  • An exacto knife cutting board or self sealing cutting mat thin string for necklaces and stretch magic cord for bracelets
  • Sewing or beading needle Seed beads (any color(s) you like)
  • 5/64 inch quiling tool or paper bead roller (optional)

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Available in Exchange Library

This workshop will be taught by Jennifer Galvin. She has a degree in art, with an emphasis in graphic design, but her current portfolio is primarily composed of pulp paintings. The pulp paintings are created out of recycled materials such as recycled jeans, t-shirts, mat board, and plant fiber. Jennifer loves to take what is being discarded, what other people consider trash, and turn it into something beautiful. She loves the hope that comes from making something new out of something that people see as used up—seeing beauty in the broken, hope where there is hopelessness. Recycling is very much a part of the art process for her. Jennifer Galvin is a member of: The Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts and The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA). She has volunteered with Athentikos since 2016. You can find her art online at

Printmaking is an amazing media that is full of exciting possibilities. During this workshop, we will explore color and mixing inks. We’ll also explore several different types of printmaking, including block printing. We’ll make some beautiful prints and learn lots of techniques that you can use alone or add to your mixed media process and your creative journals! We will make a collagraph from cardboard that will feature our initials and focus on how we are all uniquely made. This technique uses a board with collage materials glued onto it to form a relief surface with a variety of textures. We will also explore some mixed media techniques which will symbolize how there is hope in the broken and how we are all uniquely made. This workshop will focus on printmaking, finding hope in our art and our world, and enjoying the art making process!

  • 10 brown bags flat bags for each student (6×9)  Other option: brown lunch bags (but the above bags are preferred) 
  •   Paper (just printer paper, various colors)
  •   Black Cardstock (optional)
  •   Paper Plates (or you can use a regular plate and wash it)
  •   Brayers (or you can use a large paintbrush)
  •   Water based printing ink (or acrylic paint if you don’t have ink, but it dries faster, so it might be harder to print), various colors (preferably Dick Blick)
  •   Cut pieces of Cardboard 8×10
  •   Other Cardboard 
  •   String
  •   Styrofoam Plates
  •   Paintbrushes
  •   Wooden spoon
  •   Foam printing material for block printing (either bought or very clean meat trays)
  •   Wax paper
  •   Tablecloths/drop cloths to protect floors or table
  •   glue sticks
  •   scissors

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Clay Modeling
Available in Exchange Library

Morena is a vibrant Guatemalan artist, graphic designer and enthusiastic of experimental art. She has been teaching model clay since 2016 at universities, kids events, and several exhibitions. Morena has published two beautiful children’s books. She likes to share the art of using modeling clay as a way of art for all ages and professions to engage in art and understand the power of creativity. Morena has been serving with Athentikos since 2019.

In this workshop we will learn different techniques to create new colors, textures, and characters using modeling clay, it would be a great chance to take your imagination to 3D. You’ll love interacting with the clay, creating details and beautiful shapes that express your own story. While clay is something all kids love, we encourage adults to join this hands on workshop as well.

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Creative Journaling
Free Workshop

Amelia Moore has a formal background in art and graphic design, and from these creative fields, she discovered a love of photography in 2003. She’s now a full-time award-winning photographer working in events and portraits and has been featured in People Magazine, OK! Magazine and numerous websites. You can see examples of her work at Amelia and her husband, Scott founded the non-profit, Athentikos after the adoption of their two sons. They desired to invest in the beautiful country that gave them their sons and started doing what they knew best – through the transformative power of art. The Athentikos leadership team is now applying what they have learned through ten years of leading art workshops in Guatemala in these online art experiences!

During the workshop, you will learn basic art techniques to incorporate in your creative journal including simple self-portraits, various watercolor techniques, printing and collage making with found objects and pigments. Each day, you’ll include a personal response related to the daily theme including identity, struggles, and gratitude. Creative Journaling is expressing yourself through art rather than words. You do not need a lot of art experience because it’s about connecting your thoughts to the creative process. Creative Journaling helps clear your mind, relieve stress, meditate and have fun!

Most of the materials you can find around your house.

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I am part of the I AM ART Exchange, do I need to register for the workshops?

Yes! Register for the workshops you plan to attend. We will send you daily workshop emails during the course.

What is the format of the workshops?

Each workshop is a live, interactive session offered at various times. Some workshops will be multiple days. Check the schedule above for specific details.

What materials will be required for the online workshops?

Each workshop leader will provide a specific materials list. We recommend that you register for a workshop at least a week prior for time to collect or purchase the materials. The intention of the workshop will give you skills and inspiration to continue art making after the workshop so the materials will be used well after the workshop! 

Who can participate in the online workshops?

All artists and aspiring artists can participate. Adults and children nine-years old and above are welcome to join! Yes, adults this is for you too!!

What if I can’t make the live workshop?

If you have the I AM ART Exchange Membership you can have access any workshop at your convenience. Single Workshop attendees will have access to the recording during the week of the workshop. 

When will you post the next set of Live Workshops?

The Workshop schedule will be announced at the end of each month. 

Can families participate in the online workshops together?

Yes! Join the monthly I AM ART Exchange or register for a single class for your family to participate. The sessions will be interactive and are open to children nine-years-old and above. We believe all participants will be inspired through a very meaningful shared experience. 


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