Why Are You Here?

This post was written by Chloe Hunsbarger who participated in the 2018 summer I Am Art Camp at Magdalena Milpas Altas
Upon arriving in Guatemala, David challenged our whole team with the simple question, “Why are you here?” Right out of the gate. Before any of us had the chance to really sink our toes into the experience.
So all week long, I searched high and low, ferociously awaiting for that lightbulb moment. I thought to myself, “When my reason for being here unveils itself, I will be so ready. It’’ll be so clear. I’ll have my camera on standby. I’ll be prepared to write it all down. I am pumped”.
But what I’ve gathered from spending this tiny portion of my life in Guatemala is that it’s the tiny, holy moments of climbing out of bed, pulling on my shoes, and tying my hair back where I come face to face with the God who calls Himself “friend.” The same God who steps out of His intimidating highness of Heaven and meets us in the kitchen for morning coffee. It’s here in these mundane moments I am reminded that there’s a man who plants excitement and hope into our very bones. And because of this, I’m ecstatic to be small and human, simultaneously sinful, and drenched in candid grace.
It’s in these moments I’ve found myself totally humbled, knowing that my reason for being here doesn’t have to be something big and grand. It can be as simple as the call to love; my reason for existence here on this earth – to love. Even when I feel utterly incapable and unnecessary for this type of work. Being God’s hands and feet. Even when I don’t have a handle on my lesson plans or can hardly understand the kids.

Good question, David. Why on earth AM I here?! I’m just a small human with big sin and a lot of fear.
But boy is there beauty to be found hiding in those insecurities. Because duh – God knows all of that! He knows how messy we are and He still invites us in and says: “Look, just be who I say you are. Because I promise you it’s enough.”
That’s why I’m here. To do what I can, even if it isn’t much. Even if it’s just holding little hands, giving hugs, kissing cheeks – repeat. It’s my effort and my willingness God wants. He’ll handle the rest.
And that’s something I hope to carry with me wherever I go.