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ValorArte: Value Art, Value Yourself

Crayons, paint, markers, LEGOs, banners, theatre, games, masquerade party, water balloon volleyball, swimming, screaming, singing, dancing and being free to be yourself: all beautiful memories from last year’s Art Camp and hopes for this year’s camp, ValorArte.  ValorArte, the name of this year’s Art Camp is a play on words in Spanish. “Valor” means “To Value”… and “Arte” means “Art”… but the word “Valorarte” means “Value Yourself”.  The focus of this year’s Art Camp is self-image in Christ.

The Athentikos team has the opportunity to serve again at Art Camp in Guatemala.  The Athentikos team and La Limonada staff will partner with the local ministry, Vidas Plenas and Lemonade International.  At ValorArte, we will teach art classes, Bible lessons, lead games and more.  The art classes involve music, clowning, sculpture, drama, collage and building with LEGO bricks.  Classes and activities at this year’s Art Camp will focus on teaching the kids how to value of ourselves, through loving ourselves, others and God.

Last year, LEGO provided a generous donation of various bricks and games along with funds for some camp expenses. This year, LEGO has again donated funds, but the remaining expenses still need to be raised.  Art Camp will cost about $12,000 for all campers to attend, supplies, food, transportation, etc.  Our hope is take 80 kids.  Some remaining funds are being collected in Guatemala, but we would like you to consider supporting this year’s Art Camp.  Athentikos and Lemonade International are teaming up to raise the rest of the funds.  All donations will make a difference in a kid’s experience at Art Camp.

All donations are tax-deductible.  Please make donations by October 15.

Check out last year’s Art Camp full of learning, processing and experiencing.  We taught kids from La Limonada how to deal with their emotions and life experiences through creating art.  It was truly an amazing experience for all involved, from campers to teachers, translators and counselors.  Click here to watch this great highlight video:

Athentikos Art Camp 2011 from Athentikos on Vimeo.

ValorArte: Value Art, Value Yourself

ValorArte: Value Art, Value Yourself

ValorArte: Value Art, Value Yourself

ValorArte: Value Art, Value Yourself

ValorArte: Value Art, Value Yourself

Photography by Athentikos.



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