Reparando for Education and Exhibition Uses

The film Reparando is about hope and redemption at it’s core and we’ve been thrilled to see the effects of what a film can have on a community, even a country! And now that there’s even more ways to watch the film, such as through digital downloads, online streaming with Hulu and Amazon Prime and yes, we still sell physical dvd’s as well, there’s even a greater chance the film can impact more people and bring more awareness to what’s happening in Guatemala.

But what some of you may not know is that we offer Reparando to be seen in other settings than just your home. Because purchasing the film in the before mentioned manner is for home use only we wanted to have a chance for individuals to show the film in churches and other organizational settings, even classrooms! This is why we offer two different licensing options for the film, an education license and an exhibition license. Let us explain:

[one_half] Reparando – Educational License
[one_half last=last] Reparando – Exhibition License

An education license allows an institution to purchase the film for the purpose of using the film as an education resource. The license is a one time purchase and is held by the institution indefinitely. The one restriction about the education license is that it cannot be used for fundraising purposes. If an organization wishes to use Reparando as a way to help raise funding, then they would need to purchase the exhibition license.

An exhibition license for Reparando allows any organization to use the film for the sole purpose of raising money for that organization. The license is granted for one month and becomes active at the time of the first event. From that first event a licensee can use the film multiple times for 30 days. After the 30 days the license expires. If an organization wishes to use the film again another license must be purchased. At the end of each term the licensee must submit information of the total money raised and 10% is collected from that organization.

Funding that Athentikos raises from the licenses allows us to continue to make the Reparando available in these ways and bring greater visibility to the issues and hope in Guatemala. If you still have questions about licensing Reparando

Reparando now on Hulu and Amazon Prime!

Reparando now on Hulu and Amazon Prime

More ways to watch “Reparando,” now on Hulu and Amazon Prime!

We have some BIG news to share with you. Thanks to our online distribution partner KinoNation, two big hitters in the online distribution world have picked up the “Reparando,” providing an opportunity for this story to inspire a broader audience to respond. We are thrilled that Amazon and Hulu are sharing the story with their networks. But in order to maximize this potential, we need your help:

If you subscribe to either Amazon Prime or Hulu, please:

  1. Login & view the film (even if you already have seen it)
  2. Rate the film.
  3. Promote the film via Facebook & Twitter

Staying on these streaming channels requires a high number of views and ratings. Hopefully, this is just the start. Plans for wider online distribution is underway. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter for the latest news.

The redemptive story of Reparando has inspired overwhelming generosity to help Guatemala. Let’s work together to make the most of this opportunity!

We thank you for helping us to continue sharing this moving film with as many people as possible. Your help will ensure these efforts continue!

The Athentikos Team

All Working Toward The Same End Goal

All Working Toward The Same End Goal

By Sam Fisher

From age 16 to now (20), God has given me multiple amazing opportunities to serve Him through different ministries, all working towards the same end goal: to glorify God and make Him known by meeting needs both physical and spiritual.

The first door God opened in my journey was when I was a sophomore in high school. I was able to join up with a group called GEMS (Guatemalan Evangelical Medical Servants) and go to Guatemala for the first time on a weeklong medical missions trip. During this trip God really took hold of my heart and gave me a passion for these people as we held medical clinics at the local churches in four different villages. Not only did we hold medical clinics to meet the physical need of each village, but we also played with and shared the gospel with the kids and parents outside waiting to go to the clinic through Vacation Bible School style activities. I got to work outside with the kids every day, and I absolutely loved it! It was on this first trip to Guatemala that God really opened my eyes not only to the needs of this people, but also to the incredible ways in which He is working in Guatemala. He has given me a passion for working with children in Guatemala.

All Working Toward The Same End Goal

After this first trip, I returned to Guatemala 3 more times with GEMS and met so many wonderful people also doing God’s work there in Guatemala. The second time that I went, the leaders of the group showed us the movie “Reparando“. This is a documentary of Guatemala, and more specifically the amazing ways in which God is working in La Limonada, the largest slum in Guatemala. When I first saw this movie, my heart was again touched, and I felt God calling me to do something. I wanted to make a difference and be able to help even when I was back in the States. So, I got a hold of Athentikos and asked how I could help. I was put in contact with Ericha Penzien, who helped me begin to plan a screening of “Reparando”. The goal was to raise awareness in my own hometown of the needs and the hope in Guatemala.

With some help, I was able to hold a screening of “Reparando” at my college and raise over $800 for Athentikos.

My adventures did not stop there, though. At the end of May 2012, I went to Argentina for a 6-month study abroad program through my college. I decided to go because I wanted to be fluent in Spanish. This would help me work in Guatemala with the people and children I feel God has called me to work with. I think it is so important to be able to communicate with these people in their own language and to understand their culture. So, I went to Argentina for 6 months to learn Spanish better and experience their culture. While I was there, I lived with a host family and attended church with them. I got to help out with their youth group a few times and began regularly helping in their children’s ministry on Sunday mornings. God taught me a lot while I was there. Not only did I learn to speak Spanish fluently, but I also connected with so many new people that became family to me. The main thing was that God showed me that He is and will always be enough for me.

All Working Toward The Same End Goal

After going to Argentina, I spent a week in Guatemala with a friend named Julia Arreaga. She is a missionary to her own people in Guatemala and works with many different organizations helping at-risk youth. While I was in Guatemala, I got to see what she does and volunteer at an AMG school for a couple days. AMG schools are schools positioned in red zone areas of Guatemala that provide education, meals, and share Christ with the at-risk youth that live in these areas.

Then, when I had returned home, Ericha contacted me and asked me to be involved in the Red Bus Project. This is a project that Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife started to raise money to provide adoption grants and fund special care centers. I met Ericha and the RBP team, and more than a year later, as the Red Bus Project traveled to a college in my home state. I drove 2 hours to volunteer at the Red Bus Project’s double-decker-bus-turned-thrift-store for this awesome cause.

Looking back, it is amazing to see how God took a movie, “Reparando”, to give me such a passion and inspiration for helping others. God is so good!

Recently, I went to Guatemala a few weeks ago with GEMS again. This time, they asked me to lead the children’s ministry at each village. I decided to share the gospel with the kids through soccer. My friend Julia connected me to a group called Champions in Action when she heard what I wanted to do. This is a ministry that shares the gospel and mentors kids through soccer camps in the red zones of Guatemala. They were happy to come up with us to our first clinic and teach the kids some soccer. They also helped love on the kids, play with them, and do different crafts. It was a true gift to be able to work with them and combine our efforts and goals.

All Working Toward The Same End Goal

Now, as this summer begins, I have been accepted as an intern at an orphanage for girls in Guatemala. It is called Principe de Paz (or Prince of Peace). This girls’ home has over 50 girls living there that come from all sorts of backgrounds. Many of them have been taken out of the court system and given a home here. I will have the opportunity to work with both the girls at this home and the missions groups that come to the home to help out. I am really excited to see how God will use me during the month of July at Prince of Peace.

God has definitely used me in many different ways, volunteering with many different organizations throughout the last few years. It amazes me still to see how many connections God has given me and continues to give me both in the States and in other countries. The passion that God has given me is to minister to the children that come from these red zones of Guatemala. I want to be a source of light and encouragement for these kids, and I want to be Christ to them. Honestly, I cannot say where I will be in five years or how God will use me. I only pray that He continues to receive glory through me and that hope continues to rise in the hardest places in Guatemala.

Can We Have Your Trash?

Trash is not something many people want or collect.  However, Sweden imports waste from other countries and is now running into the problem that there is just not enough trash.  Sweden imports trash to turn into electricity and power, and because of their efficiency in converting trash to power and need for more waste, Sweden is now looking to other countries, asking the question…Can we have your trash?

Due to its efficiency in converting waste to renewable energy, Sweden has recently begun importing around 800,000 tons of trash annually from other countries.  Sweden creates energy for around 250,000 homes and powers one-fifth of the district heating system.   –The Two Way

Trash in Guatemala

Can We Have Your Trash?

As highlighted in 0ur first film, Reparando, Guatemala is home to one of the largest garbage dumps in Latin America.  Twenty-four football fields can fit inside the walls of the Guatemala City Dump.  1,500 tons of trash are delivered each day, that is enough garbage to fill 35 Boeing 737 planes.  The dump provides a source of income for a documented 11,000 workers, and many other undocumented workers.

Can We Have Your Trash?Guatemala has a different and equally as unique way of recycling their trash from the way Sweden has engineered.  During my 7-month stay I got to know the Guatemalan recycling process a little better.  Not only do people work in the Guatemala City Dump scavenging through waste when it arrives, but people accompany the trash along the entire route from the second something is thrown in the trash until it reaches the Guatemala City Dump.

Can We Have Your Trash?One day I visited La Terminal, an area bustling with buses and people coming and going and a wide variety of stores selling everything from fruit to handmade charcoal.  La Terminal is also home to many people living in extreme poverty.  We visited an area where waste from the stores and people was dumped.  I saw people quickly scavenging through the waste as it was dumped to find fruits and vegetables that could still be eaten.  My heart broke for these people who didn’t have the means to otherwise obtain fruits and vegetables.

Can We Have Your Trash?Considering the amount of garbage a country can produce, you have to be very creative in ways to cut down national waste.  Guatemala is no exception.  While in Guatemala, I have seen very innovative and impressive ways of recycling waste.  One of the most commonly used recycled products is plastic bottles.  Our partner organization, Lemonade International recently implemented the installation of solar lightbulbs made of recycled soda bottles in homes in La Limonada.  (Click here for the full story.)  Many other non-profit organizations have used plastic bottles to build walls for schools across Guatemala. (Click here for more information.)

Here in the United States, we recycle but not as efficiently as some other countries.  In the United States, where the EPA says 250 million tons of trash was generated in 2010 alone, only about 34 percent was recycled.  Looks like we should be taking notes!  In order to make a difference, each country world-wide must do their part.  Even though Sweden and Guatemala have well established methods for recycling, “We live in a world where nearly 70 percent of deep sea Arctic creatures are in contact with human trash like plastic bags and beer bottles.” – The Two Way


Athentikos opens online store to raise awareness and resources for Guatemala.
Nashville, TN—Athentikos opens their online store with the sale of ‘Reparando’, a documentary on Guatemala’s struggle to repair itself and its people following a 36-year civil war. 80% of proceeds from the DVD will be invested into Micro-Enterprise efforts in Guatemala.
DVD’s are being sold for the price of $20 and can be purchased here:

For more information on Reparando, visit

Beauty In The Midst Of Chaos

By Jonathan Porta
Guatemala City, Guatemala

I love how God is in the business of redeeming the beauty found in the midst of our chaos. How He rescued us from our mess, and now we can bear witness to what He has done. The 2 weeks of premieres in Guatemala were some of the most exciting and challenging weeks for me. Not because of my job or my task… but because of the eternal lesson of trusting in God in every step of the way.

My involvement with the film started a little over a year ago. I was a part final product development process. This created anticipation and excitement inside of me. I have loved seeing this film over and over again. And as a Guatemalan all I really just want is to help spread the word about what God is doing and what He wants to do next.  So, these two weeks where just the tip of the iceberg or better said… it was the flourishing of the building up of months of work.

For the week of Premieres my job consisted of setting up the venues and organizing the event details (enlisting volunteers, setting merch, interface with the venues, oversee the tech set up). Of course I didn’t do this by myself; I could never dream to have done this alone. God in His master plan, handpicked each and every person who got involved in the process and became part of the team to help make all of this happen.  At the beginning stages of the process everything everything went smoothly: negotiation, arrangement, and details. THINGS WERE HAPPENING and we were getting somewhere. We were all set and ready to move forward!

Our first premiere was scheduled to happen in Casa Santo Domingo, Antigua on Tuesday November 16. Everything was ready UNTIL Monday came around. The Athentikos team decided to go check the venue out, and noticed certain concerns. By the time I came around to talk to the hotel and address those concerns… the location, the sound system companies, and people were just dropping out and things started falling apart. I did EVERYTHING I could ever do to hold it all together, but it all just slipped away of my grip and control. I remember hanging up with the last bad-news-call and just sighed and said: “Ok God, this is your event, not mine… you take over, I’m done!!” and through God’s continued faithfulness…

I drove to Antigua with Hubert to see what we could do and by the time we were there… everything was solved. Location, sound, people, volunteers… EVERYTHING, down to the last detail! It was all fixed within an hour, and all I had to do was: wait and trust God! When we ended that day after our first event, I was just so grateful to see what God had done!! The people’s responses were amazing; and we were all grateful to God for being a part of His work.

Then on Wednesday I went to the movie theater with Hubert to prepare for the follow night’s cinema theater event. We spent all morning figuring things out, making sure we were prepared to set up the next day, and everything was great and ready. However, when Thursday came around Hubert went in early to the movie theater to start setting up when I got a call from the manager. I met with the theater manager, and turns out that we couldn’t move forward with the event due to financial miscommunication. EVERYTHING fell apart and this was our biggest event of the week! We already had over 400 people RSVP for the event.  I remember getting on the phone and doing all sorts of things and just shaking. I tried my best to make this happen; but it just wouldn’t happen. Yet again… I just sighed and said: “Ok God, this is your event, not mine… you take over, I’m done!!” and when I let go …  EVERYTHING got solved in a miraculous way and had yet another full packed event.

I don’t want to make this any longer, but trust me, I can continue going on and on, about things that went wrong (I still want to look good after you’re done reading this blog 😉 ) but at all times I saw the beauty of God’s hand and how He worked EVERY SINGLE DETAIL in the midst of my chaos.  God reminded me several times, “I AM IN CONTROL!”

I am excited as a Guatemalan to see my own people understand the call that God is making to them! To us all! And being part of this process has been humbling and a true Honor. I am deeply grateful to God for everything that HE did this whole 2 weeks and the opportunity of being a small part of this amazing work that HE is doing!

Jonathan, Scott, Amelia, Joel and others meeting prior to the first screening in Antigua

People hanging out after the Screening in Guatemala City

Merch Table at the Antigua Screening

Some of the volunteers with Jonathan after the screening in Guatemla City

Jonathan and Scott meeting folks after the show

Lobby area after the screening in Antigua

Waking Dream

by Scott Moore

Have you ever had a dream in which people from various places and times of your life are woven together into a magical story that makes sense to the subconscious but seems impossible when you wake? I have lived this waking dream.

This is my seventh trip to Guatemala. On each trip, I have returned home with countless stories of beauty and need, wealth and poverty, sorrow and joy, brokenness and restoration. I am blessed to be able to continue relationships with people who I met on our first trip to Guatemala back in 2005. These people are like family to me now. I am also blessed to have been able to come to know many people like Shorty and Tita that God is using to restore the broken here in Guatemala. I have had the honor of hearing and sharing their stories. The other day, several stories crossed paths in a way that only an omniscient author could have penned.

We were near the dump looking for Maria – the Doll Lady. She was not home, so we drove around the corner to meet with a family that needed a wheelchair for their son. We knocked on a few doors asking neighbors for the specific address. When we finally found the home and went inside, I noticed a plaque on the wall that said “… build by the Potters House”. I was thrilled to see a family near the dump thriving in a home built by this organization that is an integral part of ‘Reparando’. As Joel discussed the situation with the mother, I realized that both the wheelchair which was in need of repair, and the new wheelchair, which would be coming to this precious family were given by none other than Dick Rutgers – a man who is also a part of the ‘Reparando’ project. Dick lives in Chimaltegango, a long ways away from this quaint home near the dump in Guatemala City. For a moment, I felt like I was in a surreal dream with characters of my life coming together in a way only the subconscious could imagine. But then Joel explained that he heard of the need and connected these two stories together in order to bring restoration and hope to a family in need. I was struck in awe by the purposeful and yet selfless networking that orchestrated the union of characters in this beautiful story of redemption.

As we drove back around the corner and up the street to leave the neighborhood, I noticed Maria – the Doll lady’s grandson walking across the street. We stopped him to try to locate Maria. He took us to her and we were able to personally thank her for the blessing of the metaphor of redemption that her life’s work brings the story of ‘Reparando’. I cannot explain the joy that we all felt except to say we all had the same sparkle in our eyes. We all knew our own stories have been authored by a God who designed each of us for a purpose – a purpose that is greater when woven together into a collaborative narrative as trophies of God’s Grace.

I will no longer be surprised when characters and stories in my life cross paths. In fact, I have come to expect it. I look forward to life’s waking dream that makes no sense to my conscious mind but has a purpose much greater than I will ever know.

Happy Thanksgiving!

A 99% God!

Certainly it was going to take a good year, 18 months for momentum for the film began picking up. This was my sentiments as we wrapped up the film a few months ago. I was hoping to be able to concentrate on my other projects and jobs I had lined up waiting for me to finish up so I totally assumed I had some time to chillax when it came to ground events for the film.

I wasn’t able to attend the premiers in Grand Rapids but I got a bird’s eye view of the entire week through texts, posts, and images Scott and Cesar were sending back to the Athentikos team. As I watched everything unfold, it dawned on me that my earlier sentiments were not only way off base, but making such assumptions was limiting God’s faithfulness, power and His ability to use our limited resources and create something so much more grandiose!

As Scott and Cesar returned from Michigan and we began a last minute campaign surrounding the Nashville premier, it was evident by the report of online ticket sales that Nashville would not generate the buzz and attention that Grand Rapids accomplished. But I had to stop and think, “here I go again,” thinking that God wasn’t good enough, knowledgeable enough, skilled enough, to pull something great out of this event! I stopped dead in my tracks and thought, “No! It’s going to be awesome! We’re going have such a great night and God will bring amazing results because of it! It may not be in the number of seats we sell but God will do amazing things!” The following is an email I sent to the team:

This is awesome, it’s exceeding my expectations! I feel bad that I sometimes put God in a box and think he can’t do amazing things using anything we create but I’ve been reading and listening to allot of stuff that is getting me inspired, energized and excited about what’s to come. This news fuels that inspiration!  If we are 100% about seeing this film to fruition then lets not pray to God as if he is a 99% God! Of course there will be setbacks, things won’t go our way (when in this process has everything gone our way???) but God always reveals that his plan is better… we’re getting a small glimpse of that now with the news from this past week. Great job guys! As always, it’s been an amazing experience that I hope will continue on!

And you know what, I was right. God did show up… in a huge way! I saw people there I didn’t expect to see… as of that morning we had only sold 110 tickets after it had been on sale for just over a month. That night, we more than doubled it and ended up selling 240 tickets total! Which for the Belcourt theater is not far from full capacity. Afterwards, we had so many people come up to us, telling us how much the film impacted them. I heard feedback that I never expected like how the film got a married couple to talk about how they serve and how they give. How they look at their lives different now. Comments like a person not worrying about their life as much, giving them confidence which in just one day, felt like it was the attitude adjustment they needed to land a job. Amazing feedback that just surpassed my small minded expectations!

We’re all victims of this sad trait as Christians. We fall into the trap of thinking God isn’t smart enough or knows better than we do. So when we attempt something great, anything actually, our enthusiasm and optimism stops short of the finish line. As a creator, my visions are always large in scope and most of the time, in the end, the vision is scaled back… and thats ok. But it doesn’t mean I have to stop thinking large.