Virtual Classes Cross Borders

A Girls' Home in Guatemala joins An Exchange Workshop virtually

Athentikos hosted an online workshop in June focused on Lettering taught by Alejandra Barillas (Ale), a Guatemalan graphic designer and professor. The workshop was open for anyone to join live and the recording is now available to our Exchange Members.

While our friends at the Oasis Home for Girls have been taking our I AM ART workshops for six years, this was the first time they joined us virtually. This was made possible because our Exchange Members GIVE ART opportunities through their generous support. 

Ale lead this three day workshop teaching the foundations of forming letters by discussing a Biblical truth: Process & Growth ending in this beautiful theme, “Bloom Where You Are Planted.”

We were thrilled to hear, from Betsy Baker, that the girls enjoyed the class. Here’s a little of their response and work. 

What did the girls enjoy about the Lettering Workshop?

They really liked doing the end design! Decorating the page, making it their own!

Did anything surprise you about the process?

I honestly was surprised by how good they already were! They really like writing and drawing!

"I really liked this workshop because it taught me something new and I think I could be good at it! I want to keep practicing!"
Oasis Participant

Why did you decide to participate in this workshop?

We decided to participate because I knew that several of the girls already had a great interest in lettering, and I thought this would be a good way for them to take it to the next level.

How was this workshop beneficial to your organization?

During this time of quarantine, the girls’ schedules have become repetitive with homework, housework and playing outside. I think they really enjoyed spicing up their day!

Join the I AM ART Exchange and MAKE ART by accessing this workshop and GIVE ART to under-resourced communities.

Impact – Oasis 2016

Corbey Dukes, Director of Oasis

We’re grateful to partner with organizations like Kids Alive’s Oasis in Guatemala, a ministry that seeks healing and restoration for girls who have been rescued from abuse. Oasis Director, Corbey Dukes shares his perspective about the impact of I AM ART in the video above. Special thanks to Emily Tuttle for the video footage & interviews.

Corbey’s Interview

One of the measures I can use for how effective the I AM ART Camp is, is the reaction of the girls. And, the girls love it! The girls are excited about it, and I can guarantee that I’ll have 20 girls ask me, “When are they coming back?”

People want to build things – build a new house, or an office complex. And that’s great. But I’ll say, the most important thing that can be built is a new heart. And programs like I AM ART, programs that Athentikos puts together to come in and make an investment in the child and in the staff … that’s heart building. It may be harder to measure than how many hundreds of pounds of concrete that we pour. But, the impact is huge! Because often, something like this is the first time they (the girls) have done something beautiful in their lives.

They came from very dark, ugly places, and to be able to generate something beautiful with color, with harmony, with music, with self expression … It’s a way for them to reclaim their humanity. It’s a huge boost to their identity of who they are in Jesus, the power they have over their voice and their body. Their body is reclaimed. It’s theirs. It’s clean. It’s not stained by what others did to them. And, they can start to realize they’re chosen for something different than their past.

I’m running a home and I’ve got responsibility for a hundred kids, and for me, this is an investment that I love. I love Athentikos. It’s a ministry worth your prayers and your encouragement – worth promoting for people in your church or community to be a part of an Athentikos team. Man, it’s worth it. And it’s certainly worthy of your financial support.

-Corbey Dukes
Director of Oasis

CTM Guatemala and the Little Way Campaign

Little Way Campaign

Furthering our mission to Amplify Authenticity and Multiply Mission, Athentikos created a promotional video for CTM Guatemala, an organization that has been a huge asset and resource for Athentikos. Because of CTM’s established relationships and partnerships, Athentikos was more enabled to discover and tell the stories in the films Reparando and Becoming Fools.

And because they have helped us, we wanted to help them. CTM Guatemala is an organization that was created as a resource for grassroots leaders in Guatemala to find leadership development, spiritual formation and organizational capacity building. Since their beginnings back in 2005, they have now expanded to other countries such as Honduras, Dominican Republic, Kenya and Haiti. And now their efforts have required them to expand even more. So they have create the Little Way Campaign.

We wanted to help them get this campaign off to a great start so while we were in Guatemala this last trip we took some time to gather more footage put together this video that visually explains the importance of the network and reasons to further develop their programs in other countries.

We are excited to have the opportunity to help CTM and we urge you to help them as well! Click here to learn more!

Reparando sparks conversation at Healing Waters


“To say that it was ‘spot on’ and a blessing is to understate its impact and the work of the Holy Spirit in our training room.”

These are the words from Ed Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of Healing Waters, after sharing Reparando with several ministry partners.  Ed shares, “I wanted to present something that helped us unite in Spirit and passion.”

Healing Waters, The Pier Institute, Adventures in Ministry and Children’s Hope Chest watched this film and discussed topics in the film that relate to their own ministries.  “The core theology of the film speaks volumes to all of us in ministry,” Ed said.

Healing Waters is an organization that partners with churches and other organization to provide a sustainable supply of clean water in places where poverty and contaminated supplies of water prevail.  Healing Waters also strives to provide education on health and business strategies to further assist and equip these ministries.

Other organizations, including Compassion International, will also join in watching this film this month and participating in the discussion as efforts are made to learn and grow ministries making a difference around the world.  Although Reparando is a unique story about Guatemala, the inspiration and work of God through struggle that Reparando shares can also be seen in many other countries.

Thank you to Healing Waters and the other ministries involved, for building relationships and sharing in discussion about Reparando and the hope that exists even through struggle and opposition.