I Am Art 2014 Begins Team in Guatemala

i Am ART Team in Guatemala

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text disable_pattern=”true” align=”left” margin_bottom=”0″]The Athentikos is in Guatemala this week with their I AM ART program for the purpose of facilitating a weeklong art camp in La Limonada. The Athentikos’ I AM ART initiative enriches the lives of at-risk children by using creative arts to show them the power of their true potential. Our vibrant collective of professional artists teaches children how to find their voice and share their story. With I AM ART, our goal is to help each child find the art within so they can change the way they view the world around them. Through the I AM ART program, Athentikos raises funds, organizes projects, develops curriculum and provides spiritual oversight for several art programs: overnight art camps, art workshops, and theatrical performances, teaching training and mentorship. For three years Athentikos have organized the annual week long Art Camp for almost 100 children with the leaders in La Limonada. We’re excited to continue our relationships in La Limonada!

During the art workshops this week, the students will learn more about their rights as children. The Rights of The Child outline basic needs and rights every child should have. We will be focusing on ten basic rights: name, nationality, protection, love, education, recreation, food, housing, medical attention and family. We will also be exploring the truth that God “has wonderfully made” each of us for a unique purpose! It is exciting to see how art can be used as a spiritual and therapy tool. Art allows students to explore their world and discover new insights about God. And all the art produced during the week will be for others. The main project will be a 9×30 foot community mural project on the outskirts of La Limonada. The mural will be a public declaration of leadership and reconciliation as the youth work together in an area that is typically segregated by gang leaderships. At the end of the week, the group will host a Celebration Ceremony to dedicate the mural to the community. During the ceremony, the participants will share about their art workshop production and their leadership commitment to make positive choices.

Our personal journey in Guatemala began with the adoption of Scott and Amelia Moore’s two beautiful boys who are now 6 and 8years old. Through the process of adoption, Scott and Amelia were introduced to the beauty and destruction of Guatemala. The Moore’s were inspired to respond. Using their creative skills of film production and photography, God lead them to create Athentikos and partner with local creatives to produce two documentary films, Reparando & Becoming Fools. From those projects Athentikos have been connected to many organizations in which they have now organized artistic projects in various communities.

These art projects are made possible through generous individual donations, church support and grants. Would you consider making a financial investment? We would be honored if you click here and supported this project through a tax-deductible donation. The funds raised will go towards materials, travel expenses and scholarships for the kids from La Limonada to attend the I AM ART related programs.

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A Fools Guide to sharing Becoming Fools

A Fools Guide to Sharing Becoming Fools

We understand it can be overwhelming with all of the different social networks and all the ways to share something, even when you’re eager to share it! And we know many of you have asked us, “how can I spread the word about Becoming Fools?” So we decided to make it easy for you. Below we provided all of the current social media outlets we are active on, our home pages, hashtags to use and even some sample messaging. We hope this will make it easier and more effective to share your excitement about Becoming Fools and the issues of homelessness and at-risk youth the film addresses.


Our Homepages

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Hashtags and ID’s


Sample Messaging

Just copy [Cntrl+C] and paste [Cntrl+V] any of the text blocks below into Facebook, Twitter, Google+, any social media outlet where you can share content.

It took @Athentikos over 2 years to produce it. Now’s the time to launch it. #BecomingFools http://bit.ly/19tSWNl

#BecomingFools is finished. Help @Athentikos launch the screening tour! http://bit.ly/19tSWNl

Help #atriskyouth by supporting the #BecomingFools Screening Tour http://bit.ly/19tSWNl @Athentikos

#BecomingFools is complete, help @Athentikos now get an audience to see it and raise awareness of #homelessyouth http://bit.ly/19tSWNl

A Fools Guide to Sharing Becoming Fools

New Orleans Community Raise Awareness of Homeless Youth

New Orleans Local Leaders Raise Awareness of Homeless Youth

As we ready to release Becoming Fools on a nationwide screening tour we are highly encouraged by the work of local leaders all of the Untied States who are raising awareness of homeless youth. New Orleans is no exception. The Covenant House is a nationwide network of homes and advocates for providing children a safe refuge from the streets in which they live.

The Covenant House in New Orleans, which was established in 1984, is featured in this local news article talking about their latest challenges and their desire to bring more awareness of the problem they see in the New Orleans area.

“The number one thing we’re doing is we’re filling these kids with respect and with dignity. We’re telling them that it is okay to hope and to dream,” said Jim Kelly, Covenant House executive director.

But the Covenant House doesn’t stop with just providing shelter. They also provide crisis care, healthcare, education services, job skills training, family counseling and pastoral services. It’s exciting to see these organizations like the Covenant House stepping up and making a huge difference in the lives of homeless and at-risk youth. Please take the time to view this article.