String Art Workshop Impacts Guatemala Kids

Noé Chan (husband of Kathlyn Chan, our In-Country Guatemala Programs Coordinator) led our String Art online workshop. Noé is Guatemalan has been working with Athentikos since 2018. With the COVID life putting him “working from home”, he is teaching Art and Math to three homeschool youth at “La Escuelita” (an Athentikos ministry partner in Guatemala). These three “La Escuelita” students also participated in our string art workshop online and it had a great impact on them! 

These three youth are in vulnerable situations because of dysfunctional families and/or other limiting factors. Despite their realities, we were able to see them enjoy creating their own designs with the string art projects. 

During this workshop, participants learned how to create basic geometrical designs or abstract concepts using the technique of string art. String art is a technique that consists of a combination of colors and the weaving of string among nails. This art form helps aid in concentration, provides a relaxing activity for the artist as well as a fun way to create symmetrical and asymmetrical designs for the purpose of decorating.

One student was so thankful to have been given the opportunity to learn this new form of art, so much so that after the workshop was over he contacted the director of La Escuelita asking if he could have the leftover materials so that he could continue to create. They were not aware of what he was working on until a few days later when he shared pictures of his work; a work well done and complete. Art is such a powerful tool to build self confidence and we saw this in him.

Once again we were surprised by the enthusiasm of this young man as he wrote Noe asking if he was allowed to sign up for the Watercolor Pet Portraits class that was taught by Kathlyn Chan. To encourage his interests and excitement in art we supplied him with the materials necessary for the Watercolor workshop. We are excited to see what he will learn and how this next workshop will impact him!

Noe asked him what his favorite subject in school is and his response was “art!”. When he began teaching art to these youth it appeared this young man was not interested in it at all (you can tell by the dedication and end result). This is why we are excited about the virtual workshops. Even though we were not able to serve in person, Athentikos is still impacting the community through these workshops. Join us in making that impact by joining our Exchange Monthly program where you can participate in the workshops AND give opportunities to others like these three students!

You too can participate in this online workshop! You can purchase a recording of this workshop here for $28 or join our monthly “Exchange” Membership for $18 a month and access the online workshop in your studio.