Soar with Athentikos in 2020!

In 2020, Athentikos will equip artists to serve nearly 1,000 youth and adults to restore holistic well-being through creative arts in Guatemalan communities that have been traumatized by poverty, abuse and gang violence. 

We have a unique opportunity for you to do MORE THAN JUST GIVE: create a unique feather to be part of a collaborative art installation at each I AM ART camp! The project will be a reminder to all participants to SOAR – To face everything with confidence and rise. Each participant will also create a feather and have their photo taken with the wings. 

Therefore, would you join us to make an impact in 2020 with a donation of $50 or more and submitting a feather? Your gift will allow participants to grow in mental and spiritual health through the power of art AND you’ll get to be part of an amazing art project!

Here’s how:

To give: 

To submit a feather:

1) Print out this feather on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper.

2) Add your own design, color it and/or add some words of encouragement. You and your family can color and submit as many feathers as you’d like!

3) Take a photo of it and email us a large version of your art piece! (

4) Cut out the feather and hang it on your fridge as a reminder to pray for the participants in the I AM ART camps.

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