Creativity comes from our Creator. We exist to restore holistic well-being through the transformative power of creative art programs.


We believe art-making restores the heart in a powerful way. A simple brush stroke releases stress; movement increases strength; exploration ignites curiosity; expression builds hope. God uses the power of art to transform lives allowing us to authentically explore our identity discovering new things about ourselves, our community, and the world God created. With this conviction at the core of our work, Athentikos facilitates transformative experiences by hosting creative workshops to MAKE ART, investing in under-resourced communities to GIVE ART, and inspiring people to serve locally and globally to BE ART. 

After producing two documentary films featuring Guatemala in 2010, we began to facilitate our I AM ART program — recruiting artists from around the world to serve together — with our primary focus in under-resourced communities in Guatemala. Building on ten years of experience, we launched an online studio program, offering a wide variety of creative workshops for all ages. Over 300 people worldwide participate annually in our various programs — experiencing the transformative power of creative art programs. 

To date, we have led art camps for over 2,500 children and adults, with people from all over the world participating annually in our various programs — experiencing the transformative power of creative art programs.


Authenticity: We pursue an understanding of how each person is uniquely created and provide practical application to live authentically.

Creativity: Creative exploration allows us to build confidence and critical thinking skills.

Humility: We are present and open-minded to each other and new experiences.  

Well-being: Developing strong emotional, mental, and spiritual health are the core of our process. 

Community: Relationships, diversity and cultural competence guide us in developing a positive understanding of one another.

Honesty: We strive to be trustworthy and  approach our work with consistency and honor.


Scott and Amelia Moore adopted two sons from Guatemala after wrestling with infertility for over a decade. During their adoption process in 2006, they learned about Guatemala’s tragic history and met children who were devastated from the effects of a 36-year long civil war. They couldn’t just adopt their sons and move on with their lives, so they decided to use their creative talents to inspire audiences to respond to the suffering they witnessed.

Initially, they produced two documentary films that highlight stories of Guatemalans. ‘Reparando’, is a feature-length, award-winning documentary that depicts the civil war and reconstruction and ‘Becoming Fools’ is a moving story about the impact of a professional clown who mentored at-risk youth living in the streets of Guatemala.

Working with street youth during the production of Becoming Fools inspired us to establish Athentikos as a sustainable nonprofit organization focused on restoring and empowering people to express themselves with confidence through creativity.