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New Orleans Local Leaders Raise Awareness of Homeless Youth

New Orleans Community Raise Awareness of Homeless Youth

As we ready to release Becoming Fools on a nationwide screening tour we are highly encouraged by the work of local leaders all of the Untied States who are raising awareness of homeless youth. New Orleans is no exception. The Covenant House is a nationwide network of homes and advocates for providing children a safe refuge from the streets in which they live.

The Covenant House in New Orleans, which was established in 1984, is featured in this local news article talking about their latest challenges and their desire to bring more awareness of the problem they see in the New Orleans area.

“The number one thing we’re doing is we’re filling these kids with respect and with dignity. We’re telling them that it is okay to hope and to dream,” said Jim Kelly, Covenant House executive director.

But the Covenant House doesn’t stop with just providing shelter. They also provide crisis care, healthcare, education services, job skills training, family counseling and pastoral services. It’s exciting to see these organizations like the Covenant House stepping up and making a huge difference in the lives of homeless and at-risk youth. Please take the time to view this article.


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