Embark on a transformative journey to Guatemala that blends the power of art, community service, and cultural immersion to create positive change.



OASIS HOME / Guatemala City


Greetings in Guatemala!
Upon arrival at the airport, your driver will be waiting to accompany you on a scenic journey to the Airbnb in Antigua, approximately 90 minutes away from Guatemala City. Prepare to be rejuvenated by the enchanting courtyard oasis and charming accommodations upon your arrival. Take some time to unpack, freshen up, and then venture out to enjoy a delightful dinner at a nearby local restaurant.


Embark on an Antigua Exploration
Following a restful night's sleep and a homemade breakfast, we'll set out to discover the charm of Antigua. Immerse yourself in the vibrant textures, visit art museums, enjoy cozy coffee shops, gather teasures from nearby shops, explore historical ruins, and marvel at the nearby volcanoes.


Head to Oasis Home for Girls
Following a team meeting and a hearty brunch, you'll pack up and travel about 45 minutes to the Oasis Home for Girls where you will be staying the rest of the week. Upon arrival, you'll meet more of the Guatemalan volunteers, set up for your workshop and hear more about the mission of the Girls Home.

DAY 4-7

Facilitate the I AM ART CAMP
Join the "I AM ART" camp for immersive days filled with creativity, making new friends, and exciting adventures. Experience a dynamic large group setting, engage in core workshops, savor lunch, and explore diverse rotation stations to enhance your artistic journey. As the evening unfolds, engage in a debrief session with your team, rest, eat dinner and play games.


Art Show Celebration 
Today holds a special significance as we conclude the week of art camp. Following the last core workshop, the whole camp  join together for an art show, commemorating all that we have learned throughout the week.


Bid farewell to your team or embark on an optional three-day excursion. Say good-bye to team members and travel home. Or opting to stay entails shopping at the nearby Panajachel and three nights stay at Lake Atitlan. 


Explore Lake Atitlan

You'll jump on a short boat ride to get to your next destination! Arrive at your hotel, Casa Del Mundo, which is  a hidden gem nestled on the shores of the mesmerizing Lake Atitlan. Perched atop a lush hillside, this enchanting retreat offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding volcanoes and the sparkling waters of the lake. Spend the next three days resting while lookin at the spectacular views or go excursions to explore the areas around the lake.

Visiting Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is an immersive journey into the heart of natural beauty and cultural richness. Cradled within the embrace of towering volcanoes, the lake is a stunning jewel surrounded by vibrant indigenous villages. Boating across the serene waters provides a perspective of the lake's magnificence, while the surrounding landscapes and the distant volcanoes contribute to an awe-inspiring setting. Lake Atitlan captures the essence of Guatemala's natural and cultural diversity, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a truly enriching travel experience.

You choose what you desire to do with this time: reflect on your experience while hanging out in a hammock, visit nearby villages, hike, swim or paddle board. This is a great way to end a wonderful adventure. 

NOV 29- Dec 7

Partnership Org:
Opal House Montessori School
Lake Atitlan
$1,700 + Airfare

June 28- July 6

Partnership Org:
Kids Alive Oasis Girls Home Guatemala City
$1,500 + Airfare

JUNE 21-29

Partnership Org:
Kids Alive Oasis Girls Home Guatemala City
$1,500 + Airfare







RegistRAtion DeaDline:
3/1 for Summer 8/1 for Fall

$300 Due by Registration Deadline; the Balance is Due 5/1 (summer) and 10/1 (Fall)


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