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The L’Arche Community is invited to join us for an online creative arts workshop experience lead by Shabrae Jackson with Athentikos. Athentikos facilitates transformative experiences by hosting creative workshops to MAKE ART and inspiring people to BE ART. 

Monday, May 3, 10 & 17
7:00-8:30 PM
Zoom Workshop

This workshop has reached capacity.  You can still sign up and be added to a waitlist in the event that we have an opening.  Thank you!

Workshop Overview

Re-Member. Re-Imagine.
Visual Maps of Joy and Sorrow
What helps us to remember our way home?  Life’s journey can become difficult at times and it can be helpful to have resources and tools that help us to find our way.  When walking a new path, at times one can feel lost, or feel weighed down when the path becomes difficult because of loss, pain or grief.  What can we do with this and how can we find our way home?
This workshop space will be created to share the joys and sorrow found on our paths through simple creative prompts, identifying our strength and resources that help us to continue forward in life. When we have the opportunity to share and express our stories, it can help us to walk on our path in a different way and find community along the way.
This workshop invites you to gather up the words, the stories, the fragments and pieces, the gifts and challenges from your path and re-imagine new maps in community.

Who is this for?

This workshop is for anyone who wants to take a pause in their day to explore with color shapes, lines, and marks their story and path. You do not have to be an “artist” to participate. Expression and creativity is found in each one of us and everyone is welcome.

What will we do?

Using abstract painting and mark making you will identify what inspires you to express, create, and connect. Together we will develop visual maps that act as mini-art pieces, through the marks, the color, the shapes, the line and movement. You will identify what stands out to you and explore how it tells pieces of your story. Exploration and play will be key ways that we create in community.

Together we will experience the following:
Exploration & Movement:
– Use color to discover and connect with emotions and story
– Use gestures to explore expression and storytelling

Mark Making:
– Create marks and shapes as play with no specific outcome
– Explore marks, lines, and shapes that visualize your path
– Use color and various tools to make your unique marks

Collage & Integration:
– Explore the incorporation of your marks into your artwork, creating visual reflection
– Gather items around your home and in nature that inspire you and awaken the senses
– Create borders, frames, and cut outs

Basic Materials List:

Prepare your Expression Space:

Find a large piece of kraft paper or cover your table
with newspaper, recycled paper or a plastic tablecloth to protect the surface of where you will work

• Tape (painter’s tape, masking tape)
• Paper towel
• 1 – 2 Paint brushes (even if you just have one brush that works!)
• Mixed Media Paper (any size could work) – (Any other paper could also work, posterboard, cardboard, or other material that is heavier than normal paper so that it can hold paint)
• Paint (this can be any art or craft paint: acrylic paint, tempura paint, or water colors) – if you do not have paint, we will offer alternative ideas for how to create some color with water and some basic items found around the home.
• Crayons, colored pencils, markers, pens, or chalk (you can bring all if you have them, or 1 or 2 options)
• Scissors
• Ruler (can also use a book for its edge)
• Glue or Modge Podge
• Small container (look around your home for a small bowl, box, vase, basket, tupperware, etc.  Please note that this item will not be painted or damaged during the workshop but will be used as part of our time together)
• Notebook or Journal
• A piece of cloth, a scarf, a shirt, a blanket
– Found objects (details coming soon)
• Optional: an old library card or other type of card that you no longer use

More Details:

• Weekly prep sheets will be emailed prior to the workshop outlining the list of materials and general overview of the activities including images

• Body based creative & well-being practices will shared if people want to try them at home

• Written and Verbal instructions will also be available during the live workshop

Register Here

You will receive a confirmation email from Athentikos. Then look for emails from Athentikos the day prior and hour prior with the Zoom link for the workshop.

About the Instructor

Shabrae Jackson is a trained expressive arts educator working in communities.  She is co-founder of UMBRAL, a Mexican-based organization engaged in arts-based psychosocial trauma and healing work; currently exploring the intersection of arts, sports and peace- building with LudArtem, and a Director of training for International based groups and organizations.  Shabrae enjoys using play and creativity to build connection and pathways towards health and healing.  She loves music, reading and connecting with close friends and family over good food.  

About Athentikos

Aart-making restores the heart in a powerful way. With this conviction at the core of our work, Athentikos facilitates transformative experiences by hosting creative workshops to MAKE ART, investing in under-resourced communities to GIVE ART, and inspiring people to serve locally and globally to BE ART. 

After producing two documentary films featuring Guatemala in 2010, we began to facilitate our I AM ART program — recruiting artists from around the world to serve together — with our primary focus in under-resourced communities in Guatemala. Building on ten years of experience, we launched an online studio program in 2020, offering a wide variety of creative workshops for all ages. 

To date, we have led art workshop for over 2,500 people from all over the world  — experiencing the transformative power of creative art programs.