Athentikos I AM ART

2019 Impact Report

I AM ART is a program of the Athentikos is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that restores holistic well-being through creative arts.

Why We Serve

1 in 7 people around the world suffer from severe mental illness and everyone experiences some level of emotional trauma.

Who We Serve

350 at-risk youth living in Guatemala connected to strategic partnership organizations serving communities traumatized by poverty, abuse and gang violence.

Who Serves

150 volunteers from the US, Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, and Finland served together to facilitate the camps.

How We Serve

1,000 art projects transformed youth through 46 diverse creative workshops during four week-long creative art camps.

What is I AM ART

I AM ART is a week-long camp that empowers at-risk youth, using the creative process to explore identity, resolve conflict, and heal trauma.

Mental and spiritual health are foundational for thriving relationships, families and communities. Our teams lead strategically planned creative workshops for participants to discover the uniqueness of who they are in God’s greater story as a beautiful piece of ART. 


Your investment transformed the lives of countless at-risk youth who join us in saying gracias!

In the video above, at-risk youth hold a self-portrait project that expresses their gratitude for the impact of I AM ART.

I AM ART Camps in 2019

75 at-risk teens from a red-zone Guatemala City were bussed in to Camp Canaan for a week long transformative camp with our newest US partner, Belmont University! These older teens enjoyed both the simplicity and vulnerability of the creation process.

Partnership Organization:
AMG International

85 impoverished Mayan children attending a school at  the top of a mountain surrounding Lake Atitlan worked on various projects including a mural for their new school building. The kids loved building community around the art projects.

Partnership Organization:
Opal House

We served over 90 Orphans at one of Guatemala’s most beloved Orphanages. Youth accepted the challenge to explore their stories through the creative projects. This camp was led almost entirely by our Guatemalan volunteer base.  

Partnership Organization:
Friends of Children Everywhere

Oasis is home to 80 girls who have been sexually and physically abused. Through the art projects, they learn to reclaim their bodies and be confident in their unique abilities.

Partnership Organization:
Kids Alive International

Artist Impact

50% of I AM ART team members are international artists from outside the US.

Highlights: 150 volunteers served through I AM ART. 65 team members live outside of the
US in Mexico, Finland, Guatemala and Honduras. Athentikos celebrated  5 consecutive years
with 2 partnership organizations!

Athentikos trained one new mission team leader with a total of three team leaders. 20 Volunteers serve on the Athentikos leadership team as Mentors, Social Media Coordinators, Advisors, Fundraisers and logistics support.

"I AM ART challenged me to see myself as not just an artist, but beautiful art created by God."

Dr. Meaghan Brady Nelson



I teach workshops with dance technique called Dances to a Beat (DTB) which deals very directly with self esteem and body image. This work feels especially meaningful to teach at Oasis where the girls have experienced extreme abuse; the girls tell me that they had never thought anything good about their bodies before my workshop. That is quite astounding and heart breaking to hear…



I like I Am Art camps because I  get to meet new people, learn how important it is to help others and how strong and resilient  people are even if they are young. A six-year-old became my hero!



I served as the storyteller at Oasis this year. Each one of us is a unique and beautiful creation of God, but sometimes that work of art gets damaged by cruel and careless people.  Having just finished my third I Am Art camp, I can honestly tell you that I feel like I gain far more than I give on these trips…

"Understanding that God takes a bad situation and makes something beautiful out of it is a huge source of hope and motivation. That's what we do through the I AM ART process."

Dawn, Workshop Leader on Opal House Team

Student Impact

Over 1,000 art projects empowered participants to grow confidently in their identity 

Workshops Included: Gel Printing, Creative Writing, Tile Mosaics, Dance, Charcoal Drawing, Sculpture, Singing, Film Making, Macrame, Self Portraits, Natural Dyes, Jewelry Making, Mural Design, Collage, Drawing, Watercolor, Clay Making, Masks, Recycled Art, Baking, Singing, Mime, Movment, Drone Photography, Weaving and Theater!

Quotes from Students

"I learned that I have the capacity to create things and will never forget this experience. My art reflects my sadness and happiness."

Michael, age 14, Camp Canaan
"I like that in painting I can be peaceful and quiet. I liked being alone because there is no one to bother me."

Juan, Age 10
“Art reflects an emotion that helps me. I can achieve something new in my life.”

Abigail Lopez, Age 12
“This camp allowed us to relieve stress and relax, not just distract but to just be happy.”

Daniela, Age 10
"I like that in painting I can be peaceful and quiet. I liked being alone because there is no one to bother me."

Juan, Age 10
"Dancing made me feel close to God."

Maria, Age 6
“During I AM ART camp, I learned that I like to sing and that I am a smiling type of person! We have value in God.”

Melissa, Age 13
“I loved learning about cinematography! I was really scared on Wednesday during our conflict time, but it helped me so much.”

Lucia, Age 15

Donor Impact

200 Donors Gave over $85,000 USD in 2019 

donors included:

200 Individuals 
4 Foundations
3 Churches
2 Schools

Soar With us in 2020

Soar with us to empower at-risk youth through a donation of $50 or more and
submit a feather for a collaborative art project. Or join us on one of our I AM ART teams.