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Become an annual I AM ART Exchange Member for $18 per month or $198 per year and participate in unlimited workshops hosted live with access to our full recorded library PLUS you will be giving restorative art-based tools for children in Guatemala.

I AM ART Exchange

Join The I AM ART Exchange Year-Long Membership

$18/ Month or $198/ Year

Gives you access to all workshops, both live and recorded.


Provides one child in Guatemala a personal art kit and a scholarship to an I AM ART camp.


Resources our partner organizations.

We welcome you to consider adding to your monthly donation to give more children this opportunity. All gifts through the Exchange Program are a tax-deductible donation.

The $18/ month is a monthly recurring donation for a year. Or pay for the year up front for $198 and receive a FREE MONTH!


I am part of the I AM ART Exchange, do I need to register for the workshops?

Yes! Register for the workshops you plan to attend. We will send you daily workshop emails during the course.

What is the format of the workshops?

Each workshop is a live, interactive session offered at various times. Some workshops will be multiple days. Check the schedule above for specific details.

What materials will be required for the online workshops?

Each workshop leader will provide a specific materials list. We recommend that you register for a workshop at least a week prior for time to collect or purchase the materials. The intention of the workshop will give you skills and inspiration to continue art making after the workshop so the materials will be used well after the workshop! 

Who can participate in the online workshops?

All artists and aspiring artists can participate. Adults and children nine-years old and above are welcome to join! Yes, adults this is for you too!!

What if I can’t make the live workshop?

If you have the I AM ART Exchange Membership you can have access any workshop at your convenience. Single Workshop attendees will have access to the recording during the week of the workshop. 

When will you post the next set of Live Workshops?

The Workshop schedule will be announced at the end of each month. 

Can families participate in the online workshops together?

Yes! Join the monthly I AM ART Exchange or register for a single class for your family to participate. The sessions will be interactive and are open to children nine-years-old and above. We believe all participants will be inspired through a very meaningful shared experience. 


Fill out the form below for monthly membership.

Thank you for your investment by joining the I AM ART Exchange!