18 Days and Counting…

That’s right!!!  We only have 2.5 weeks before Team Athentikos leaves for Guatemala!

We will have one last pre-production meeting this Thursday evening to do a full test of the setup, spanish simulcast, file transfer and archiving.  

More information to follow soon…

The A-Team

Cue the music … Our A-Team has been finalized.

In the 80’s the A-Team traveled around using their unique design to serve people with need.  Their design was much different than ours.  They had military backgrounds and used semi-automatic weapons as their “brush”.  We have creative backgrounds and use a lens.  I am very thankful for our “A-Team” and look forward to serving with them over the next several months.  More detailed information about our team to come soon …

We are moving into the fundraising stage of our project and pray that people will connect with our vision and partner with us.  We need to raise support by the end of October in order to be able to purchase plane tickets.  If you would like to support our project, please click here.

Examining Time

We shared our vision for Athentikos with Joel VanDyke, Director of Center for Transforming Mission Latin America.  Joel is directly connected to most of our potential stories in Guatemala City and is very excited to partner with us in this project.  Many of these stories focus on ministries with incredible accomplishments in very difficult places despite little or no substantial financial backing.  We all hope that these ministries will gain greater support through the publicity of our project.

As we examined stories and discussed logistics, we were reminded that Latin America runs very differently than we are used to.  We will not have finalized production schedules until right before we travel because the average person in Guatemala doesn’t plan that far out in advance.  Although this might seem unusual, I have experienced this before on trips to Guatemala, Peru, Costa Rica, and Mexico … Life is not as “controlled” as it is in the USA.  That isn’t a value judgement, just merely a fact.

As Americans, we live in an “efficiency oriented / time is money” society.  Perhaps this is because as Americans, we have more time AND money than most other countries throughout the world.  With greater opportunities at our disposal, we have tasted financial success and found it to be “delicious”.  We focus our efficiency on the product of our work … we have evaluated, theorized, and repurposed ourselves to be producers – many times at the expense of other “valuable commodities” – the greatest of which is often relationships.

This is not to say that Guatemalans (or citizens from other Latin American countries) are inefficient or lack in the ability to produce; nor is it to say that Americans completely de-value relationships.  Guatemalans are quite productive and resourceful especially considering the very limited resources available to them and Americans have a lot of friends despite the fact that we spend so much time “working”.  The difference is in the details which are missed unless we take the time to notice them.

I look forward to exploring these details in January.

Late Night Pre-Production

Athentikos pre-production is moving forward with passion. Monday’s pre-production meeting lasted until 1 AM and we were still excited. We all have full-time jobs outside of this production, so we have to work on it after our “normal day” is finished, which means many late nights. My body is beginning to realize the lack of sleep, but it is worth it. I am so thankful to be able to partner with an amazing team to tell this incredible story.

We finalized some of the web site content, evaluated different models for production for our time in Guatemala, examined technical gear and developed a plan to begin fundraising (which we hope to begin in the next few weeks).


After hammering out details of pre-production, we watched a documentary called “China Rises” to brainstorm ideas for telling stories. The hour-long episode ended up being over two hours as we paused it numerous times to discuss, evaluate and critique the content.  We like the basic model of “China Rises” and will incorporate some of it into our production.

Athentikos Blog Begins

This marks the beginning of the Athentikos Blog where we will be highlighting our production. We are currently finishing our web site and building our team. More information will come soon.