Kathlyn Chan

I AM ART Guatemala In-Country Coordinator

Kathlyn is the wife of Noé and mother of our precious daughter Hadassah. They live in Guatemala. She grew up as  an “artist” whether it was sketching during classes, creating bicycles out of twisty-ties or painting rocks. As an adult, she now enjoys painting, drawing, baking exotic things and photography. She is passionate about showing people that they are special. Shortly after moving to Guatemala in 2013, she participated in an I AM ART camps and it was life-changing. Shortly after that, she joined the Athentikos staff in Guatemala to prepare camp details.

Q&A with Kathlyn

What is your favorite type of art and why? OR How have you personally grown through art?
I have a hard time determining truly what my favorite form of art is because I hands down love all things creative. However, there is something calming about practicing watercolor and that makes it stand out to me as perhaps the best medium to explore.
What is your favorite Athentikos online workshop and why?
I really loved the creative journaling workshop Amelia led in the beginning stages of our online journey. Something about the newness of the experience along with the journal approach (and of course use of watercolors) made that particular workshop stick out to me as something super special.
What drew you to Athentikos? 
Athentikos’ approach to missions is unique and unforgettable. An art “therapy” experience taught through the lens of the Bible has great depth and impact on the participant; something I’ve never quite experienced elsewhere. 
How do you see yourself “BEING ART” in your own family or community? 
To “be art” to me means to be that which God has created me to be. For me that is a wife, mom and daughter of The King. 

Kathlyn also taught two drawing and watercolor online workshop focus on Pet Portraits. Check them out!

Amelia Moore


Amelia Moore and her husband, Scott were introduced to the beautiful country of Guatemala in 2005 through the adoption of their two sons. Her formal background is in art and graphic design, and from these creative fields, she discovered a love of photography in 2003. She’s now a full-time award-winning photographer working in events and portraits whose been featured in People Magazine, OK! Magazine, Chopped and numerous websites. You can see examples of her work at www.ameliajmoore.com.

David Lee


David Lee has led dozens of trips to Guatemala with Athentikos since 2015. He’s a graduate of Belmont University in Nashville, TN who began playing music after watching old-timers playing the blues on the front porch as a child in Mississippi. I AM ART allows David to combine his passion for creativity with his desire to help other people. David lives in Nashville and loves to fish, go camping, and be creative