T-Minus 12 Hours

It is hard to believe that July 29 is already upon us. Time flies when you have a lot to do. After all the writing, planning, editing, drawing, more planning, laughing, crying and even more planning … here we go again.

I am not certain what to expect on this trip.  We are headed down with a very long list of footage that we would like to capture and are doing our best to be as thorough as possible. We have categorized our shots in a database with storyboards, detailed camera direction, character, location, etc – and we can pull reports “out the wazoo” and check things off as we go. Yet, I recently read a quote in a book, “No amount of planning stands up to contact with an enemy.” This is so true. So, in addition to the massive amount of planning, we are prepared to flex.

Hopefully we will come back home with the footage we need to finish our project. Regardless … I know we will return home with incredible stories. Stay tuned …

Athenti-kast: Packing up

The Athenti-quad team of Scott, Bobby, J.Mac and Bengy are packing up and ready to head down to Guatemala

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T-Minus 6 Days …

We are 6 days out from our return trip and are trying to get all the odds and ends completed before we leave. Our stories are written, shots are outlined and we are finalizing our storyboards (Stephen Major Chisholm is cranking them out like a machine).

I have developed a database to keep this enormous amount of data together so we can check things off and log them as we complete them in Guatemala. Our production team is much smaller this time, so we need to streamline things as much as possible … last time we had 16 … this time we have four.  Hopefully this data prototype will work as planned.

We are excited about this opportunity to continue working on this amazing project.

Athentikos Production Team - Summer 2009

Athentikos Production Team – Summer 2009
Bobby, Bengy, J.Mac, Scott

We plan on posting video podcasts of our daily production while we are in Guatemala.  You can view them here in our blog, or subscribe to them in iTunes by going here:


T-Minus 14 Days

Two weeks from today we will step onto a plane anticipating inspiration.  We travel back to Guatemala on July 29 to continue production for our documentary.  For the last 7 months we have edited footage, focused it down and woven several stories together into a greater story of hope in the midst of need.  This has been no easy task, because every story is incredible.  We would love to include them all in our feature, but the art of story telling requires us to be willing to cut our “favorite” for the greater story.  So, we have decided to have our cake and eat it too … We will focus on 4 stories for our feature and then include short videos for all of our stories as bonus features on the DVD.

Stay tuned for “behind the scenes webisodes” which we will post during our time in Guatemala.

First Preview Event

Last night our team hosted a Preview Event, “A Vision To Inspire” to start getting the word out about our documentary project. Chris Wheeler emceed the evening and shared statistics about Guatemala, Amy Stroup and Mary Hooper sang a few songs, we played a team video highlighting our Jan trip, a Trailer for the project, a small but powerful interview from the project and then Scott & I shared our hearts and journey. Our room was decorated beautifully highlighting photos of the precious people we met (thanks Ericha, Kayla & Mary for the beautiful decorations!).  We had a variety of desserts including Tres Leches, Flan and Horchata.  60+ folks joined us to hear about the vision and purpose of this documentary. As a team we were energized and encouraged by the response. It’s been so hard to communicate to people the scope of our project, so it was fun to show and share more about it. People continually said, “We had no idea… about Guatemala… the scope of this project… your story.” We’ll be hosting a few other Vision Evenings this fall to continue to cast the vision and tell the story. Please join us if you were unable too last night!

Currently, we have a few needs to move forward with this project. First, a small crew is returning to Guatemala in August to capture some more footage. If you would like to make a financial contribution towards the trip, go to www.athentikos.com and click on “help us spread the word!” Second, we need help with financial, marketing and business items. If you are interested in joining our team, contact us at info@athentikos.com.


On the blog here, we’ll start to share our personal journey and the vision for the project. So I’ll start at the beginning… here’s a little of what I shared last night:

In 2005, after struggling with infertility for several years, Scott and I attended an adoption conference-  it was more out of desperation than desire. Soon after, we knew we were supposed to pursue adoption, but my heart was still raw. I wasn’t excited about the option and felt bitter that it felt forced upon us. But I trusted that God would change my heart. A year later on Mother’s Day 2006, we carried an eight-month-old baby boy home from Guatemala. In the course of that year, God HAD changed my heart – I had completely fallen in love with a child and a country. I can’t image my life without either. Soon after we adopted another boy from Guatemala. So – through our four visits with the adoptions, we committed to learning about the culture in Guatemala. Before I started the adoption process, I knew very little about the country. So in effort to see more than just the touristy stuff, we made contact with an acquaintance, an American Missionary who lived in Guatemala City – Joel van Dyke. Joel and his organization provide Biblical & Theological training to Latin American volunteers who are already doing significant ministry in their communities, they have very little.

Joel passionately shared their vision for the Least, the Last and the Lost – for reaching people in hard, desperate places like the slums, the prisons, the homeless – for asking beautiful questions of people that are forgotten to much of society – for hearing their personal stories and through that connecting and sharing Christ. So through our relationship with him we learned about the deep needs in the country and the amazing work God is doing through His people there. Every time we visited, we met new people. We heard their personal stories, their vision for their communities and their hearts of hope in God’s provision. We were inspired by a country we previously knew little about … our desire became to inspire others through these stories– not just so others might be interested in Guatemala, but so they would be inspired to use their personal skills to impact the communities around them.

God Bless,

Amelia Moore

New Site Design

As we update our new website, we are also updating the blog design as well so if it acts a little funky in the time being, please be patient, we are working through all the bugs. Thanks!