What Do You Want To Do?

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I remember that meeting at Panera Bread. Scott and I had been trying to connect for about a year at that point but our mutual friend Major insisted that we had to do it this time.

Scott sat across from me at that outside table, sunny day, few patrons walking in and out of the food establishment. As he explained his idea of taking a team to Guatemala to capture some stories in hopes of putting a documentary together I kept having little flashbacks of the talks I recently had with my wife. I had shared with her my desire to have a chance to use my skills in film and video for something larger than what I can see, something that would be honoring of God’s call on my life. I began to question whether this was it. Was this project Scott was explaining to me that one chance? As Scott completed his “pitch” so-to-speak, he looked at me and asked me for my thoughts. I responded with a question of my own. “What do you need me to do?”

Scott replied, “What do you want to to do?”

[/vc_column_text][mk_image src=”https://athentikos.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/10.10.13_02.jpg” image_width=”800″ image_height=”350″ crop=”true” lightbox=”false” frame_style=”simple” target=”_self” caption_location=”inside-image” align=”left” margin_bottom=”10″][vc_column_text disable_pattern=”true” align=”left” margin_bottom=”0″]That was a very good question.

I think many times we set the bar too low when it comes to the vision for our lives and what we have to offer. The goals we set for ourselves pale in comparison to the vision God wants for us. Even now as I type this out I’m facing with some tough decisions to make because work as been very slow the last several months. As a freelance video producer a slow month or two is fine and expected, but not several months in a row. The dreaded term “day job” has crept back into my discussions with my wife. But all that to say, most of us have a tendency set our sights too often on the temporary and react. The question Scott posed to me years ago that sunny day at Panera Bread gave me a chance to really think beyond just the task at hand.

At the time I wasn’t convinced Scott’s proposal to join the team to go to Guatemala was really that chance I had been seeking. So much so that when my wife asked me how the meeting went, I laid out the details and after her excited response, I voiced my hesitation. She did a verbal slap over- the-head as she responded with “What? How can you not see this is the chance you had been praying for and seeking?” Even after half-heartedly accepting Scott’s proposal, going through the pre-production for the trip, making all the travel arrangements and even sitting down in my seat on the plane, ready for take off, I still wasn’t convinced that this leap of faith was the right decision. It really wasn’t until I stood on the edge of the Guatemala City cemetery that things in my heart began to shift. While overlooking the largest dump in Central America, witnessing hundreds of people scavenging for discarded materials, smelling the foul stench in the air while I was surrounded by vultures and death I finally started to answer the question Scott had posed to me several months before.[/vc_column_text][mk_image src=”https://athentikos.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/021_IMG_0123_600p.jpg” image_width=”800″ image_height=”350″ crop=”true” lightbox=”false” frame_style=”simple” target=”_self” caption_location=”inside-image” align=”left” margin_bottom=”10″][vc_column_text disable_pattern=”true” align=”left” margin_bottom=”0″]

I’m a firm believer in the fact that trying to answer a call on your life, whether you’re a Christian believer or not, can be difficult without stepping outside of your surroundings. This is especially true for those of us who live in industrialized nations where our culture makes individual comfort a high priority. It takes accepting chances and opportunities that you’re not quite sure of in the moment but for some reason you know you should do.

I knew in that moment of standing in the cemetery overlooking the El Basurero (the Dump) my desire to create my own fictional stories would not stop there. It extended to doing what I can to tell the true life stories of people who live out their transformation and better the lives of people living in their communities, their country and even around the world.

I’ve also been blessed to see other creatives and other artists discover the answer to that same question and begin living it out in their every day lives. Some take leaps of faith to go after their

dream job. Others have gone on to build organizations with a mission to create community and better the lives of the people around them. It truly is a blessing. But I don’t think it would have begun without someone asking that question. I’m thankful I didn’t miss that opportunity.

What do you want to do?


I Am Art 2014 Begins Team in Guatemala

i Am ART Team in Guatemala

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text disable_pattern=”true” align=”left” margin_bottom=”0″]The Athentikos is in Guatemala this week with their I AM ART program for the purpose of facilitating a weeklong art camp in La Limonada. The Athentikos’ I AM ART initiative enriches the lives of at-risk children by using creative arts to show them the power of their true potential. Our vibrant collective of professional artists teaches children how to find their voice and share their story. With I AM ART, our goal is to help each child find the art within so they can change the way they view the world around them. Through the I AM ART program, Athentikos raises funds, organizes projects, develops curriculum and provides spiritual oversight for several art programs: overnight art camps, art workshops, and theatrical performances, teaching training and mentorship. For three years Athentikos have organized the annual week long Art Camp for almost 100 children with the leaders in La Limonada. We’re excited to continue our relationships in La Limonada!

During the art workshops this week, the students will learn more about their rights as children. The Rights of The Child outline basic needs and rights every child should have. We will be focusing on ten basic rights: name, nationality, protection, love, education, recreation, food, housing, medical attention and family. We will also be exploring the truth that God “has wonderfully made” each of us for a unique purpose! It is exciting to see how art can be used as a spiritual and therapy tool. Art allows students to explore their world and discover new insights about God. And all the art produced during the week will be for others. The main project will be a 9×30 foot community mural project on the outskirts of La Limonada. The mural will be a public declaration of leadership and reconciliation as the youth work together in an area that is typically segregated by gang leaderships. At the end of the week, the group will host a Celebration Ceremony to dedicate the mural to the community. During the ceremony, the participants will share about their art workshop production and their leadership commitment to make positive choices.

Our personal journey in Guatemala began with the adoption of Scott and Amelia Moore’s two beautiful boys who are now 6 and 8years old. Through the process of adoption, Scott and Amelia were introduced to the beauty and destruction of Guatemala. The Moore’s were inspired to respond. Using their creative skills of film production and photography, God lead them to create Athentikos and partner with local creatives to produce two documentary films, Reparando & Becoming Fools. From those projects Athentikos have been connected to many organizations in which they have now organized artistic projects in various communities.

These art projects are made possible through generous individual donations, church support and grants. Would you consider making a financial investment? We would be honored if you click here and supported this project through a tax-deductible donation. The funds raised will go towards materials, travel expenses and scholarships for the kids from La Limonada to attend the I AM ART related programs.

Thank you and God bless![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Becoming Fools at Sundance, What?

Becoming Fools at Sundance, What?

I should start right off by saying, no, Becoming Fools did not get into the Sundance Film Festival… well, not as an official selection that is. The long story short is, Canon, the world renown camera maker, contacted us through their marketing firm and had seen some of the work I had done with one of their cameras. They especially noticed that I had used the camera exclusively while shooting Becoming Fools back in 2012. They asked permission to possibly use some clips from the film in some of their marketing campaigns. We agreed, even signed a disclosure statement, but then did not hear of what came of the footage, whether it was used or not.

However, we just got word recently that they did use the clips and that footage is featured in their demo reel which is being showcased at the Sundance Film Festival. Sundance is already underway and will continue till January 26th.

So if you’re attending the festival, work your way to any of the Canon exhibits and catch the showreel in action. If you’re not attending the festival, don’t worry, we have a video of the footage here.

We are thrilled and honored to have the Becoming Fools right up there with films by directors and cinematographers of the likes of Ron Howard, Scott Waugh, Shane Hurlbut ASC, Steven Poster ASC, and Anthony Dod Mantle ASC, just to name a few. If those names do not sound familiar look any of them up at http://imdb.com and you will see the long, extensive and impressive work these filmmakers have done… Becoming Fools is in good company!

Join us in sharing the excitement of this news by sharing this post! And feel free to comment on how many times you see footage from the film. Hint: There’s 4!

Deliver The Story
: The Canon Showreel at PhotoPlus 2013 from Canon Pro on Vimeo.

Becoming Fools at Sundance, What?

A Fools Guide to sharing Becoming Fools

A Fools Guide to Sharing Becoming Fools

We understand it can be overwhelming with all of the different social networks and all the ways to share something, even when you’re eager to share it! And we know many of you have asked us, “how can I spread the word about Becoming Fools?” So we decided to make it easy for you. Below we provided all of the current social media outlets we are active on, our home pages, hashtags to use and even some sample messaging. We hope this will make it easier and more effective to share your excitement about Becoming Fools and the issues of homelessness and at-risk youth the film addresses.


Our Homepages

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Hashtags and ID’s


Sample Messaging

Just copy [Cntrl+C] and paste [Cntrl+V] any of the text blocks below into Facebook, Twitter, Google+, any social media outlet where you can share content.

It took @Athentikos over 2 years to produce it. Now’s the time to launch it. #BecomingFools http://bit.ly/19tSWNl

#BecomingFools is finished. Help @Athentikos launch the screening tour! http://bit.ly/19tSWNl

Help #atriskyouth by supporting the #BecomingFools Screening Tour http://bit.ly/19tSWNl @Athentikos

#BecomingFools is complete, help @Athentikos now get an audience to see it and raise awareness of #homelessyouth http://bit.ly/19tSWNl

A Fools Guide to Sharing Becoming Fools

Reparando for Education and Exhibition Uses

The film Reparando is about hope and redemption at it’s core and we’ve been thrilled to see the effects of what a film can have on a community, even a country! And now that there’s even more ways to watch the film, such as through digital downloads, online streaming with Hulu and Amazon Prime and yes, we still sell physical dvd’s as well, there’s even a greater chance the film can impact more people and bring more awareness to what’s happening in Guatemala.

But what some of you may not know is that we offer Reparando to be seen in other settings than just your home. Because purchasing the film in the before mentioned manner is for home use only we wanted to have a chance for individuals to show the film in churches and other organizational settings, even classrooms! This is why we offer two different licensing options for the film, an education license and an exhibition license. Let us explain:

[one_half] Reparando – Educational License
[one_half last=last] Reparando – Exhibition License

An education license allows an institution to purchase the film for the purpose of using the film as an education resource. The license is a one time purchase and is held by the institution indefinitely. The one restriction about the education license is that it cannot be used for fundraising purposes. If an organization wishes to use Reparando as a way to help raise funding, then they would need to purchase the exhibition license.

An exhibition license for Reparando allows any organization to use the film for the sole purpose of raising money for that organization. The license is granted for one month and becomes active at the time of the first event. From that first event a licensee can use the film multiple times for 30 days. After the 30 days the license expires. If an organization wishes to use the film again another license must be purchased. At the end of each term the licensee must submit information of the total money raised and 10% is collected from that organization.

Funding that Athentikos raises from the licenses allows us to continue to make the Reparando available in these ways and bring greater visibility to the issues and hope in Guatemala. If you still have questions about licensing Reparando

New Orleans Community Raise Awareness of Homeless Youth

New Orleans Local Leaders Raise Awareness of Homeless Youth

As we ready to release Becoming Fools on a nationwide screening tour we are highly encouraged by the work of local leaders all of the Untied States who are raising awareness of homeless youth. New Orleans is no exception. The Covenant House is a nationwide network of homes and advocates for providing children a safe refuge from the streets in which they live.

The Covenant House in New Orleans, which was established in 1984, is featured in this local news article talking about their latest challenges and their desire to bring more awareness of the problem they see in the New Orleans area.

“The number one thing we’re doing is we’re filling these kids with respect and with dignity. We’re telling them that it is okay to hope and to dream,” said Jim Kelly, Covenant House executive director.

But the Covenant House doesn’t stop with just providing shelter. They also provide crisis care, healthcare, education services, job skills training, family counseling and pastoral services. It’s exciting to see these organizations like the Covenant House stepping up and making a huge difference in the lives of homeless and at-risk youth. Please take the time to view this article.

CTM Guatemala and the Little Way Campaign

Little Way Campaign

Furthering our mission to Amplify Authenticity and Multiply Mission, Athentikos created a promotional video for CTM Guatemala, an organization that has been a huge asset and resource for Athentikos. Because of CTM’s established relationships and partnerships, Athentikos was more enabled to discover and tell the stories in the films Reparando and Becoming Fools.

And because they have helped us, we wanted to help them. CTM Guatemala is an organization that was created as a resource for grassroots leaders in Guatemala to find leadership development, spiritual formation and organizational capacity building. Since their beginnings back in 2005, they have now expanded to other countries such as Honduras, Dominican Republic, Kenya and Haiti. And now their efforts have required them to expand even more. So they have create the Little Way Campaign.

We wanted to help them get this campaign off to a great start so while we were in Guatemala this last trip we took some time to gather more footage put together this video that visually explains the importance of the network and reasons to further develop their programs in other countries.

We are excited to have the opportunity to help CTM and we urge you to help them as well! Click here to learn more!

Reparando now on Hulu and Amazon Prime!

Reparando now on Hulu and Amazon Prime

More ways to watch “Reparando,” now on Hulu and Amazon Prime!

We have some BIG news to share with you. Thanks to our online distribution partner KinoNation, two big hitters in the online distribution world have picked up the “Reparando,” providing an opportunity for this story to inspire a broader audience to respond. We are thrilled that Amazon and Hulu are sharing the story with their networks. But in order to maximize this potential, we need your help:

If you subscribe to either Amazon Prime or Hulu, please:

  1. Login & view the film (even if you already have seen it)
  2. Rate the film.
  3. Promote the film via Facebook & Twitter

Staying on these streaming channels requires a high number of views and ratings. Hopefully, this is just the start. Plans for wider online distribution is underway. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter for the latest news.

The redemptive story of Reparando has inspired overwhelming generosity to help Guatemala. Let’s work together to make the most of this opportunity!

We thank you for helping us to continue sharing this moving film with as many people as possible. Your help will ensure these efforts continue!

The Athentikos Team

Finding A Bridge: Behind the Scenes in Guatemala

Finding A Bridge

Our mission: to find a bridge in Guatemala that was visually epic!

Scott and I recently got back from Guatemala after spending over two weeks in country. We were capturing footage for a new short story video for the organization AMG International. We are not strangers to filming in Guatemala. In fact, it’s at times very automatic, we are aware of the hurdles as well as some of the benefits of producing visual content in this beautiful Central American country.

In many ways it’s much more different to film in Guatemala than filming in the United States. You have the sense at times that everyone is watching you when you have a camera out… for me, personally, its unnerving at times. But there are many moments in which we’ve pulled off shooting in some locations that we’d never be able to achieve in the States!

So as part of our concept for this new short story video, the challenge of finding a bridge that was epic visually in some ways didn’t really phase us but at the same time, we weren’t really sure what to expect.

For the first four days after our arrival we visited some bridges around Guatemala City, even taking a 90 minute jaunt outside the capital to see an old Spanish bridge built in the 1500’s. We viewed many photos and videos and asked many locals about bridges in the area. The process was a little tedious and we didn’t want to settle on something less than epic!

After we had ruled out most of the possibilities, our friend and fellow filmmaker Rafa Tres suggested a hanging bridge and showed us video of it from when he had shot some footage for a short film. Scott and I had wide eyes after seeing the footage. It was truly epic! Not necessarily the type of bridge we had in mind but the scenery around the bridge was beautiful!

Rafa had informed us the bridge was a couple of hours outside the city so after looking at the calendar, we gathered our two cast members and some local help and we set the date!

We set off for the location. There was a slight caveat however. No one in our circle really knew the exact location of this bridge. We knew the general area according to Rafa’s instructions but even he could not remember the exact location. But, not to be deterred we set off.

After about 90 minutes of driving we stumbled across a little village that bordered a river. it so happened to have an old railroad bridge that the villagers used to get across the river from the village to the market areas. The railroad is no longer there but the bridge still remains. We decided to stop and observe to see if this could be another possible location for what we needed. After a few minutes of walking around and scouting the area we decided to go ahead and get some shots at this particular bridge given the uncertainty of finding the hanging bridge we set out to find.

Finding A Bridge

Finding A Bridge

We filmed enough footage that we felt good about what we captured that if we did not find the hanging bridge, we got what we needed. Yet, at least for me, we have already come out this far, nearly two hours from Guatemala City, it seemed like a waste to turn around now and settle for what we just captured. Thinking we only had about another 30 or 45 minutes to go, I urged us to continue and the group agreed.

About 30 minutes later we decided to stop and ask someone if they knew the where a bouts of the bridge, thinking we were getting close. When we found someone that knew the bridge we were describing, they stated it was on the other side of Mazatenango, about 30 minutes down the road. Feeling a little discouraged we continued on.

Another 30 minutes later we still hadn’t come upon Mazatenango so we stopped again. This time, we were told that Mazatenango was still another 30 minutes away! Ugh! Well, we have come this far, may as well keep going. But by now, the afternoon rains had started to come and we were starting to wonder if we would ever find the bridge.

We finally came upon Mazatenango and some relief was felt among the group. While in town we decided to stop and ask someone if they knew where exactly the bridge was. To our amazement, the person we asked had said… you guessed it… another 30 minutes outside the city. By now the situation was getting comical! But, we still continued on.

By now we had been driving collectively for for nearly 4 hours. We were tired, it had been raining, the time taking to get to the bridge now was twice as long than what we planned for. The doubt that we would ever find this bridge was so plentiful you could cut it with a knife!

But then we started to see a deep ravine and some water falls. We saw the mile marker in which we were told to look for and we turned off the main road. We could sense we were getting closer. The road followed the deep ravine so we knew we were in the right place. We went through a small village where we stopped again to ask someone where the bridge was. They told us it was in the direction we were headed. It was still raining but it didn’t matter, at this point we were not turning back.

Finally after the coming off the paved road and we were sloshing through mud and water, up ahead we saw where the road ended… at the ravine. But, we still couldn’t see the bridge. We pulled up near the edge where a few locals were huddled under a simple open air roof. We asked them if this is where the bridge was and they all pointed just off to our right. Excited, we parked the van, jumped out to have a look. And there it was!

Just then, the rain had pretty much stopped but we heard thunder in the background. We needed to take advantage of this break in the rain so quickly Scott and I grabbed the camera bags and shouted out orders to have out cast ready to begin walking across the bridge as we rushed to our vantage point in which we were going to shoot, a second, older bridge about 200 feet away!

Finding A Bridge
Bobby setting up his shot while standing in the middle of the old bridge, which you can see is not much wider than a man, suspended about 150 feet in the air!
Finding A Bridge
Scott setting up the camera, ready to shoot from the old bridge.

As you can see, the shoot was a success and the location of the bridge was grand, beautiful and very much epic! Not only did determination paid off but God rewarded us by halting the rain just long enough for us to capture some amazing footage. Literally, after about 30 minutes of shooting the rain started again but we knew we had what we needed.

Finding A Bridge

Athentikos in Search of New Board Members

Athentikos in Search of New Board Members

Athentikos, over the past year, has grown tremendously. With now a second film under our belts, we have realized that there are many opportunities in which we could take advantage of but lack the resources in which to do so. So we have come to the point where we, as an organization, need to reach beyond our own team for help and grow our board of directors.

Our current board consists of Scott Moore, Bobby Marko and Joel Van Dyke. We would like to find at least three more board members to join the current board of directors.

Possible candidates we are in search of contain one or more of the following skills:

  • Business Owner
  • Business Finance
  • Fundraising/Grant Writing
  • New Media/Social Media
  • Film and Video Industry Knowledge
  • Business Management
  • Networking
  • Organizational Strategic Planning

If you feel you posses these skills and have a passion for the mission of Athentikos, please contact us by clicking HERE.

Athentikos in Search of New Board Members