“I Am Art”

"I Am Art"

Three small words that make such a huge impact. As children of God, each one of us is a unique and beautiful creation, a work of art by the Father’s hand. But sometimes that work of art gets damaged by cruel and careless people, and that’s where art therapy comes in. If you’ve ever deeply desired to make a difference in the world, or felt like you had more to offer but weren’t sure where to offer it, Athentikos is a great place to start. Having just finished my third I am Art camp, I can honestly tell you that I feel like I gain far more than I give on these trips. To be a part of something bigger than yourself is such an uplifting experience, and I find new friends, form precious memories, and gather new art techniques with each trip. Even if you don’t speak the language, when you’re creating a piece of art together there’s a special bond that forms which doesn’t require words. To sit next to a girl who has been through so much trauma, and is still so open and loving that she reaches over and holds your hand during a prayer…that kind of vulnerability will change the world and I’m honored to play a small part in it. If you love to craft and create, and long to serve others with your talents, your creativity is welcomed and needed here! Whether you’ve been through deep trauma like these kids, or you just want to give back so others can find their way to healing, there’s a place for you on the I am Art team. Counseling is therapy for the brain, but art is therapy for the soul; and we need both to be able to fully heal and be the masterpiece God created us to be. I promise you, it will change your life for the better.

– Carla 

Soar with Athentikos in 2020!

Soar with Athentikos in 2020!

In 2020, Athentikos will equip artists to serve nearly 1,000 youth and adults to restore holistic well-being through creative arts in Guatemalan communities that have been traumatized by poverty, abuse and gang violence. 

We have a unique opportunity for you to do MORE THAN JUST GIVE: create a unique feather to be part of a collaborative art installation at each I AM ART camp! The project will be a reminder to all participants to SOAR – To face everything with confidence and rise. Each participant will also create a feather and have their photo taken with the wings. 

Therefore, would you join us to make an impact in 2020 with a donation of $50 or more and submitting a feather? Your gift will allow participants to grow in mental and spiritual health through the power of art AND you’ll get to be part of an amazing art project!

Here’s how:

To give:


To submit a feather:

1) Print out this feather on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YpuTM3GsSmxHNyrB8jLTf2pI8xspwVmr/view?usp=sharing

2) Add your own design, color it and/or add some words of encouragement. You and your family can color and submit as many feathers as you’d like!

3) Take a photo of it and email us a large version of your art piece! (info@athentikos.com)

4) Cut out the feather and hang it on your fridge as a reminder to pray for the participants in the I AM ART camps.

Serving My Little Heroes!

Serving My Little Heroes!

I enjoyed the Casa Bernabe Camp as much as my first camp, I like to meet new people because you never know how amazing people are in this world. I learned so many things from this camp. An important thing I have learned is how important it is to help others. This was something that surprised me in the camp because everybody in the team wanted to help you somehow and they did not accept “no” as an answer (I love that). The other thing I learned was there are always people who are stronger than you, other people who have lived through difficult issues in their lives; when you compare your story with theirs you are surprised by how strong they are; even if the little person is five or six years old! Then you realize that you are sharing with incredible people and they become your little heroes! You end thinking that you can continue even when you think you don’t have a solution, you understand and accept: God has control about everything and everything happens for a reason.

¡Sirviendo a mis pequeños héroes!

Disfruté del campamento Casa Bernabé tanto como mi primer campamento. Me gusta mucho conocer gente nueva porque nunca se sabe lo increíble que es la gente en este mundo. Aprendí muchas cosas en este campamento. Una cosa importante que he aprendido es lo importante que es ayudar a los demás. Esto fue algo que me sorprendió en el campamento porque todos en el equipo querían ayudarte de alguna manera y no aceptaban un “NO” como respuesta (me encanta eso). La otra cosa que aprendí fue que siempre hay personas que son más fuertes que tú, otras personas que han vivido problemas difíciles en sus vidas; cuando comparas tu historia con la de ellos te sorprendes de lo fuertes que son; ¡incluso si la pequeña persona tiene cinco o seis años! ¡Entonces te das cuenta de que estás compartiendo con personas increíbles y se convierten en tus pequeños héroes! Terminas pensando que puedes continuar, incluso cuando crees que no tienes una solución a alguna situación que pasas, entiendes y aceptas que: Dios tiene control sobre todo y todo sucede por alguna razón.