Restoration through creativity

We exist to restore holistic well-being through the transformative power of creative art programs.


Scott & Amelia Moore founded Athentikos in 2008 to give thanks to the birth country of their sons.

 After wrestling with infertility for over a decade, Scott and Amelia adopted two sons from Guatemala. During their adoption process, they learned about Guatemala’s tragic history and met children who were still hurting. They couldn’t just adopt their sons and move on with their lives. They had to respond. So, they decided to use their creative talents to tell a story that would inspire audiences to respond.

The Moores recruited creative friends and took three trips to Guatemala in 2009-2010 to produce ‘Reparando’, a feature-length, award-winning documentary that depicts the country’s 36-year war and reconstruction.

In 2011, Athentikos was established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit and began producing a second documentary, ‘Becoming Fools’, a moving story about the impact of a professional clown who mentored at-risk youth living in the streets of Guatemala.

Working with street youth during the production of Becoming Fools inspired Athentikos to create an arts program called “I AM ART” to empower at-risk kids through creative arts. Athentikos currently leads several international teams a year in partnership with orphanages and homes for at-risk youth.


Athentikos was born from our identity. We wanted to help people around the world, but we realized we aren’t doctors, lawyers, or engineers. We’re creatives. We believe the desires of our heart came from a God who loves us and wants us to generously share our identity to serve the least, last, and lost. When we’re authentic to our identity, our origin is unquestionable. When we’re authentic in community, our lives compliment each other in a sum greater than each of its parts; a diversity in unity that can only be explained by the overwhelming grace of a God writing a greater story.

Athentikos Team




The continual process of being drawn closer to our authentic identity over the course of life.


Scott Moore

Scott founded Athentikos with his wife Amelia in 2008 after adopting two sons from Guatemala. In addition to leading creative direction for I AM ART, he has directed the Athentikos films, Reparando and Becoming Fools.

Scott fell in love with global cultures during childhood while traveling the world with his family. After graduating from high school in Okinawa, Japan, Scott returned to the United States and received a BA in Theatre Arts with Communication from Hastings College.

Amelia Moore

Amelia Moore was introduced to the beautiful country of Guatemala in 2005 through the adoption of their two sons. Her formal background is in art and graphic design, and from these creative fields, she discovered a love of photography in 2003.

She's now a full-time award-winning photographer working in events and portraits whose been featured in People Magazine and numerous websites. You can see examples of her work at ameliajmoore.com.

Operations Team

David Lee
I AM ART Director
David Lee is Director of I AM ART, and has led over 15 trips to Guatemala with Athentikos since 2015. He’s a graduate of Belmont University in Nashville, TN who began playing music after watching old-timers playing the blues on the front porch as a child in Mississippi. I Am Art allows David to combine his passion for creativity with his desire to help other people.
Amelia Moore
Project Manager
Amelia Moore was introduced to the beautiful country of Guatemala in 2005 through the adoption of their two sons. Her formal background is in art and graphic design, and from these creative fields, she discovered a love of photography in 2003.She’s now a full-time award-winning photographer working in events and portraits whose been featured in People Magazine and numerous websites. You can see examples of her work at ameliajmoore.com.
Kathlyn Chan
I AM ART Guatemala In-Country Coordinator
Hi, I’m Kathlyn Chan, wife of Noé and mother of our precious daughter Hadassah. We live and serve in the artistic country of Guatemala. I’ve been an “artist” for as long as I can remember. Whether it was sketching during classes, creating bicycles out of twisty-ties or painting rocks, I always had my artistic eye on the search for something to transform, create or embellish. As an adult, the art forms have matured as well into painting, drawing, baking exotic things and photography. I’m passionate about showing people that they are special and seeing their faces light up when they realize it. Moving to Guatemala, in 2013, I knew my life would be dedicated to service. God’s love and word to be spread through my willing hands and mouth, was my desire, however, I lacked real direction as to HOW I would go about that. When I was fairly new to the country I had the opportunity to participate in one of Athentikos’ first I AM ART camps. It was life-changing for not only the “campers” but for me and the others that formed part of the team. I experienced a fusion of art and ministry like I never dreamed possible or even thought of before. It sparked something in me that I had to pursue. At this time Athentikos was in need of someone to work from “on the field” in preparing for their art camps. Knowing of my interest in becoming more involved they proposed that I join the leadership team. I willingly agreed and assumed the title of IAA In-Country Coordinator. I’m thankful to be a part of the Athentikos team and look forward to seeing how God will use us to continue spreading His love through our program!
Ivette Alvarado
I AM ART Guatemala In-Country Assistant Coordinator
Hi, I’m a proud missionary in my own country, Guatemala. I volunteered for the first time with Athentikos in 2016 and my experience at my first I Am Art camp was life-changing! After that, I decided to be part of this for as long as God wanted me to. Now I’m part of I Am Art camp staff preparing our national (Guatemalan) team from translators to artists to materials to the large group! I love it all and encourage every Guatemalan to expect the unexpected from our God!
Kati Korosuo
I AM ART Team Leader
Kati Korosuo is a dance artist based in Finland. She has been working in the contexts of contemporary dance, theatre and performance art for the past 15 years. In addition to her devotion as a performer, she keeps busy by developing her own artistic practice called Dances to a Beat (DTB) and teaching it all over the world. Teaching this practice brought her to Guatemala and to work with Athentikos for the first time in 2016. Since then a part of her heart has stayed in the country, and she kept coming back attending IAA camps teaching workshops yearly. Since 2019 she’s taken the responsibility of being a team leader as well.
Chandler Barber
Marketing Intern
Hi! I am a senior English-Writing major and Design Communications minor at Belmont University and I got connected with Athentikos through their Belmont on Missions. I spent a little under two weeks in Guatemala with a few lovely students and a powerhouse team led by Scott, Bobby, David and Meaghan (Belmont professor). After my experience on the trip, I immediately knew I wanted to do more with and for this organization and now I have the incredible opportunity of being the intern! I started in August so I am still very new here, but everyone has made me feel so welcome and appreciated and I feel so grateful to be apart of such a special organization doing such important work for the kingdom! I love camp because it was a way for me to use the creative talents God has given me to help others and be a witness to the work He was doing in each of the campers’ hearts. It is such an amazing glimpse of God’s glory to see a child smile and marvel at the work they have done and there is truly nothing better in the world than that.
Elianah Altmann
ART TERM Intern, Guatemala
I first heard about Athentikos from a family friend of ours, Vince. Vince has known Scott and Amelia for some time now, and he couldn’t stop saying great things about their organization! Since finding out about Athentikos this summer, I have been one one I AM ART trip to Casa Bernabé. I fell in love with the intertwining of faith and creativity all over again during this trip! I think Athentikos’ approach to spreading the truth of Jesus through the arts is such a unique and important way to share the power and love of God. From the intentional curriculum to the openness to so many various projects, I Am Art offers healthy outlets, learning experiences, and metaphors for the ups and downs of life. Creativity has had a great impact on me (I like to write and journal), and I feel so honored to be able to share the beauty of creativity with others. I will be serving in Guatemala this Jan – June 2020 in two communities developing ongoing I AM ART programs and preparing and participating in two week long I AM ART camps.
Emily Foss
Social Media Coordinator
I got introduced to Athentikos when Scott came to speak at my church in Colorado about the I AM ART camps. I walked in at the end of his presentation yet felt an immediate sense of passion for what Athentikos does. Art holds an immense piece in the healing parts of my story, and I know myself how powerful of a tool it can be for a broken soul. As a Spanish speaker myself, these camps spoke directly to my heart. I’ve always had a dream of doing art therapy around the world with victims of trauma, so I’ve been involved ever since I heard about the camp in 2017, filling the ‘Storyteller’ role during my time at camps + running the social media for Athentikos. My specialties reside in hoppin’ around the mountains as a Colorado wedding + portrait photographer and partnering with global nonprofits as a humanitarian photojournalist. I’m all about pairing nostalgic whimsical, photography with thoughtfully curated words.


Kimberly Moore
Board President
An art lover herself, Kimberly was naturally drawn to the mission of Athentikos. In 2016 Kimberly completed her Masters in Clinical and Mental Health adding onto her ever-evolving passion for helping people live their best lives. By combining her passion for art and mental health, Kimberly found a natural fit in serving in the I AM ART camps at Oasis in 2016 and 2017. In 2018, Kimberly stepped into the Chairman of the Board role serving Athentikos with focus and passion to grow the organization spread the impact globally. Kimberly resides in Charleston, SC with her husband and 10-month old daughter. As a family, they enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the low country and beaches of Charleston. When Kimberly is not at the beach she is working as a Director of Strategic Accounts in the Healthcare market for Elsevier.
Becky Jascoviak
Board Member
Becky has been the President of the Northwest Indiana Excellence in Theatre Foundation for the past eight years. By day, she is the Grants and Marketing Specialist at Opportunity Enterprises, an agency serving individuals with disabilities. She has served non-profits in marketing, development, and grants for over 20 years from human services to arts to international to government. Becky holds an MBA from Valparaiso University and is the current president of the Grant Professionals Foundation. She and her husband Jerry live in Valparaiso, IN.
Dave Baggett
Board Member
Dave Baggett grew up in Fredericksburg, Virginia and got a BS in Biology from JMU. He later earned an MDiv from Covenant Seminary and became a church planter. Currently, he is preparing to be a missionary to Scotland. He has a lovely wife of 23 years and 3 awesome children. Dave has been to Guatemala 4 times and helped in the filming of Reparando. He loves I Am Art and the healing that it brings. He is also an artist who loves to paint.
Mary Collins
Board Member
Mary Collins brings more than 20 years of experience to the Athentikos board with her work in the entertainment industry. She is currently the Female Activations Specialist with Troops And Allies Entertainment. While attending Belmont University, she began her career working as a personal assistant for multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning artist Michael W. Smith was over the next decade her role continued to expand to include calendar management, VIP scheduling and quarterly design and publication of his artist newsletter. For the past 8 years, her focus has been on creating influencer marketing campaigns, female activations and project management for some of the most successful films to date including A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood (releasing Fall 2019, I Still Believe (releasing Spring 2020), Breakthrough, Beautifully Broken, God’s Not Dead, War Room, Risen and Do You Believe. Mary also has experience in campaigns for many Fathom full feature events including Emmanuel, Amazing Grace (Aretha Franklin), The Drop Box, The Bowden Dynasty and The Abolitionists. Mary continues to reside just outside of Nashville, TN with her husband Josh and their three kids Molly, Riley, and Jonas.
Joel Van Dyke
Board Member
Joel Van Dyke has lived and served in Guatemala City since 2003. Joel was the founding director of CTM Guatemala and now is given over to Street Psalms from Christian Reformed World Missions (CRWM) to direct the Urban Training Collaborative. Joel earned a B.A. in Psychology and Social Work from Calvin College and his M.Div. with a concentration in Urban Mission from Westminster Theological Seminary. He completed a D.Min. in Transformational Leadership for the Global City from Bakke Graduate University. Joel also brings this extensive expertise to his role serving as a Senior Associate with a focus on Local Leadership Foundations in Latin America.