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Athentikos is a nonprofit that empowers through life-transforming creative arts.


Scott & Amelia Moore founded Athentikos in 2008 to authentically give back to Guatemala, the birth country of their two adopted sons. After wrestling with infertility for over a decade, Scott and Amelia adopted two sons, Micah and Elliot. During their adoption process, they learned about Guatemala’s tragic history and met children who were still hurting. They couldn’t just adopt their sons and move on with their lives. They had to respond. So, they decided to use their creative talents to tell a story. That’s how it all began …

They recruited creative friends and took three trips to Guatemala in 2009-2010 to produce ‘Reparando’, a feature-length, award-winning documentary that depicts the country’s 36-year war and reconstruction.

In 2011, Athentikos was established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit and began producing a second documentary, ‘Becoming Fools’, a moving story about the impact of a professional clown who mentored at-risk youth living in the streets of Guatemala.

Working with street youth during the production of Becoming Fools inspired Athentikos to create an arts program called “I AM ART” to empower at-risk kids through creative arts. Athentikos currently leads several international teams a year in partnership with orphanages and homes for at-risk youth.


Athentikos was born from our identity. We wanted to help people around the world, but we realized we aren’t doctors, lawyers, or engineers. We’re creatives. We believe the desires of our heart came from a God who loves us and wants us to generously share our identity to serve the least, last, and lost. When we’re authentic to our identity, our origin is unquestionable. When we’re authentic in community, our lives compliment each other in a sum greater than each of its parts; a diversity in unity that can only be explained by the overwhelming grace of a God writing a greater story.

Athentikos Team




Sanctification - the continual process of being drawn closer to God (and our authentic identity) over the course of life.


Scott Moore

Scott founded Athentikos with his wife Amelia in 2008 after adopting two sons from Guatemala. In addition to leading creative direction for I AM ART, he has directed the Athentikos films, Reparando and Becoming Fools.

Scott fell in love with global cultures during childhood while traveling the world with his family. After graduating from high school in Okinawa, Japan, Scott returned to the United States and received a BA in Theatre Arts with Communication from Hastings College.

Amelia Moore

Amelia Moore was introduced to the beautiful country of Guatemala in 2005 through the adoption of their two sons. Her formal background is in art and graphic design, and from these creative fields, she discovered a love of photography in 2003.

She's now a full-time award-winning photographer working in events and portraits whose been featured in People Magazine and numerous websites. You can see examples of her work at ameliajmoore.com.